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Imsyser Immune tablets
Immune stabilizer tablets
Imsyser tablets is not just immune booster. What many do not understand. Imsyser is not only an Immune Booster but an Immune Stabiliser as well. Where many people are classified as “auto-immune”, simply taking many chemical supplement boosters to do an Immune boost. Simply the worst thing you could do. Imsyser unlike other supplements, supplies a list of your daily nutritional needs. Imsyser Tablets are also 100% Natural and made from natural medicinal plants. No artificial colourants, flavouring or preservatives.

The Result of the Imsyser Tablets

Because of this specific nature. Imsyser’s natural nature, recognized by the body as food and not as a medicine or a supplement. The result is 100% absorption of all the essential nutritional. Unlike the chemical alternatives. No extractions or additions are used in our Imsyser tablets. Pure wholefood plants. There are also no high concentrations of individual vitamins, minerals or amino acids.

Imsyser Tablets, a Pure medicinal plant

It is a wholefood supplement and the body sees and absorbs it in this fashions seeing it as the ‘food’ that it is. And after all, “FOOD IS MEDICINE’ especially if natural and whole!! Imsyser tabs are perfectly safe to use with any chronic medication and even safe for pregnant woman and small children. Imsyser is not an Immune booster but an Immune stabilizer (balancer). The balancing simply achieved by detoxing through its antioxidant effect ensuring a natural balance. Therefore, it is also safe to use for auto-immune diseases; in fact, was designed for this very purpose. And let’s face it with most modern-day diseases, mostly auto-immune by nature, we really need a ‘supplement’ for this chronic yet totally new age dis-ease.

Imsyser Tabs is Clinical approved

Imsyser tabs, manufactured in registered, recognized laboratories that comply with all manufacturing standards. As laid down by the pharmaceutical laws of South Africa. Clinical proof of the healing values of the two active ingredients, Hypoxis and Aloe, date as far back as 1956. Quite simply, Imsyser specifically designed as a supplement for the Immune System and contains all the essential “food” the Immune System needs Imsyser tabs supplies all the essential vitamins, minerals, amino- and fatty acids your Immune System needs to get into perfect balance.


The Imsyser tablets also contains strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antioxidant agents from its medicinal plant ingredients. Nappi -coded, making it a product of choice in pharmacies and through most medical aids. A product of choice that works: BITLY TABS

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