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Imsyser Pre & Probiotic claim to fame …

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The reason for Imsyser’s Microbial efficacy and results, is not, as many people believe, the number of microbes present in the product but, rather the number of microbial species. In the natural world various classes of bacteria are utterly reliant upon each other for growth and stability, as can be seen by the diversity of microbial life in soils and plants. This is called symbiosis.

Unlike most probiotic products which contain freeze-dried strains of just one or two species of microbes, Imsyser’s Microbial Liquid Stabiliser closely mirrors the natural range of microbes that are found in our soils and foods. It is the combination of these species which make Imsyser unique.

The reason that we consider our product superior to other bacterial or probiotic supplements is simply that, unlike most biological products available, Imsyser’s product is made up of three classes and multiple strains of bacteria (12 strains), as opposed to the usual single-class bacterial products.

The product is brewed at body temperature (mimicking the natural body temperature on intake) and stable at room temperature. Needs NO refrigeration!! It is completely raw and natural. This is what accounts for our product’s efficacy and successes.

 Our probiotics (& prebiotics as well as a supply digestive enzymes released through this interactive manufacturing process) are 100% natural; made from a blend of beneficial bacteria that will ensure that your body is able to utilize the nutrition from the food that you eat, prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria, and create its own natural vitamins. No matter how good your diet is, or what other products you take, your body cannot function 100% optimally without the correct balance of beneficial bacteria.

•             100% Natural and GMO Free

•             Balances Gut Flora

•             Ensures Maximum Nutrition from Food

•             Assists the Body to Create Own Vitamins

•             Assists with Digestive & Stomach Problems

•             Increases immunity and Fights Infection

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