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Imsyser’s Microbial Stabiliser Probiotic Liquid

Imsyser’s  Probiotic  Liquid  – What makes it so top notch?

IMSYSER MICROBIAL STABILISER PROBIOTIC LIQUID is a naturally fermented liquid probiotic utilising “effective microorganisms”/GOOD BACTERIA. The existence and availability of probiotics in the South African market notwithstanding, IMSYSER MICROBIAL STABILISER PROBIOTIC LIQUID is a new generation of bacterial technology with potential benefits far in excess of other probiotic products. It is after all a 12 STRAIN probiotic that doesn’t need refrigeration and has a symbiotic relationship of the pre-& pro-biotics as well as a natural level of digestive enzymes to boot! Unique in its formulation and the product usually produces instant results.

The Technology

IMSYSER MICROBIAL STABILISER PROBIOTIC LIQUID technology has major advantages over not only other probiotics, but other health products in general. As an Immune booster, IMSYSER MICROBIAL STABILISER PROBIOTIC LIQUID is the only bacterial technology on the planet with which the products are naturally fermented and contain multiple classes of microorganisms, those being Lactic Acid Bacteria, Beneficial Yeasts and Phototropic Bacteria. Almost every other probiotic in existence contains strains of only one class – that being Lactic Acid Bacteria.  Using multiple types of microbes is the only truly effective means by which bacteria can properly establish in the human body, and so the beneficial effects are quite easily observed by consumers.


It is consumed over a 2 month period once opened and is good for all ages and should be considered as a DAILY supplement if your mean ‘health’ for your body!! Call HO 086 010 3859 for more on this amazing product, available country-wide from most pharmacies.

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