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Imsyser Internal Microbial Stabilizer (12 Strain Pro-Biotic)

Your body needs a boost of healthy Microbes to re-establish the healthy balance.  Imsyser Internal Microbial Stabilizer supplies 12 strains of good bacteria to the intestines – Prebiotics, Probiotics and Enzymes.  The intestines consists of +- 2.2 kg bacteria, 10% good and 80% neutral.

Once the 10% bad bacteria increases, disturbing this balance, the 80% neutral bacteria becomes infected too.

Imsyser Internal Microbial Stabilizer replaces good bacteria immediately , starting its work in the mouth right through to the colon.  A healthy intestine results in a healthy body and the other way round.  Decreases bloatedness and helps with irritable bowel syndrome.

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