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Imsyser Health Support through Lockdown

Encouragement during Lock-down

We encourage you not to go into panic and fear throughout these turbulent times. Keep praying for all those around you instead. And remember your ‘head health’ is what will pull you through this time and for that matter is the one thing that matter that will be your literal saving Grace!

We will be here to support you through the tough times with all natural Immune Support Remedies and Nutritional Meal replacements to improve the functioning of your Immune System. We will have courier options available and since social distancing is the lockdown law no personal contact with our regulars will be allowed in this time. See this rather as an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, love your animals as they are probably going to be the most ecstatic about this time out and most importantly to yourself! Nobody ever has time to focus on their own healing. Now you have this opportunity for the next 21 days! This is you time….and if you have to work, well Blessed to do so especially in South Africa, at least there is no extra pressure so just go with the flow.   

Nourish your body, eat as healthy as possible, get outside in the sun for more vit D, do home workouts for a little exercise and drink all your Immune support products. One thing this pandemic is teaching us, is that your health and your family’s health should always come first; not the material things we often put too much value on. Focus on what is important and dear to you! Sadly, as seems to be the case ,our aged will not benefit from this decision – sadly too late! They are most at risk.

Spend time on our website there are over 1000 blogs for informative natural heath information in order for you to learn more about your health, in the comfort of your own home and we share daily.

All of us have to do social distancing, but you can still have contact with ALL your loved ones. Talk and support each other. All of us need it now, more than ever. The Imsyser team would like to be there for those that need as well….Let’s support and love each other.

We’re OPEN for orders + Delivery during Lockdown. Order your Immune Support NOW!

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