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Imsyser Efficient Microbes vs Other Probiotics

Why use Imsyser Efficient Microbes products vs other probiotics?

How is this product different to similar products on the market like Probiotics?

The Imsyser product is uniquely created with the use of complex microbial cultures consisting of microbes from three or four genus. The manufacturers are clear that focusing on the population counts are not as important as focusing on the diversity of the microbes. Afterall the gut is made up of a diversity of these good gut bacteria.  If Imsyser Microbial Stabiliser were to have one less genus of microbes, these products would function like any other Probiotics on the market and the results would not be as significant. But this is not the case!!

Another factor to look at is that they are all naturally fermented at body temperature. Why? Once again mimicking the body temperature! This means the finished products are raw, containing 40 trace minerals, amino acids (up to 18), various organic acid compounds, nearly 100 types of enzymes, B complex vitamins, Vitamin A (in the form of Retonin, the form ready for adsorption by the body) plus the live microbes. An amazing diversified cocktail of all the good microbes required for optimum gut functioning, good digestion ( natural digestive enzymes) and of course optimising the Immune System which has its origin in the gut.

Any microbiologist will agree with the statement that freeze drying of microbes also causes some form of cellular damage, which can greatly affect performance of the microbes. This is the main reason most Probiotics on the market contain billions of cfu (colony forming unit)/ml. It is necessary to use tremendous numbers of “weaker” microbes to get the effects of “stronger” microbes. This is NOT the case with Imsyser.

Lastly, consider the fact that one microbe produces one type of enzyme, one type of vitamin, and/or one type of organic acid. When there is not a variety (diversity), the nutrients and digestive aids are not supplied. This is another reason why the benefits of the Imsyser Micobial Stabiliser with 12 strains of the necessary good bacteria is so great. There is in fact none similar on the market.  It is stable through the stomach, in fact starts working from the moment it touches the mouth ( good for periodontal mouth diseases) right through to the lower end of the gut where most of the original good bacteria are completely missing thanks to antibiotics and bad lifestyles. This product does NOT need refridgeration and has a much longer shelf life than any other, even as long as 3 years later!!! We recommend a 1 year shelf life and once opened will last up to 2 months in a cool spot ( room temperature), void of direct sunlight.

This product is family friendly and all ages can use the product. Imagine how far a 500 ml bottle might stretch for the whole family and we all need a daily dose of probiotics daily anyway!! Imsyser is a winner product with so many amazing references especially those batting with bloatedness, gas, IBS, Immune compromised diseases and much much more.

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