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Imsyser Health, Children & ADHD

Imsyser Health, Children & ADHD.  Why not try and fix ADHD with Imsyser?? The NATURAL ALTERNATIVE!!!

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not just a problem for children. More than half of the children with ADHD continue to experience symptoms as adults. The classic signs are a short attention span and trouble focusing on tasks. There are ways to manage the condition, including behavioural therapy and medications, but I am saying treat this problem as an auto-immune problem (basically toxic overload!) and this is where the Imsyser Health products are tops….


Whether you’re living with ADHD or just have trouble focusing from time to time, today’s world is full of concentration killers and healthy living killers such as:

  1. Too much stimulation
  2. Too little Sleep: Most people need 7-9 hours of sleep, kids even more per night. Instead of burning the midnight oil, make sleep a priority. Turn off the TV long before sleep time, read a book be it your kids or yourself and allow the natural rhythm of sleep (normal Melatonin levels kicking in) take its toll. Remember, it’s always better earlier than later (next morning) to try and catch up with sleep. I believe most humans are sleep deprived these days and more importantly rest deprived. Too much stimulation. Too much to do. This is bad news especially for children.
  1. Are you just possibly hungry?? In the modern day situation in SA more than likely this is a bigger problem than we even want to realise but more importantly are you actually nutritionally complete?? Not NOT eating BUT Nutritionally Complete?? The brain can’t focus without fuel, so skipping meals, especially breakfast, is a top concentration killer. Keep hunger at bay and give your brain a steady source of fuel with these habits by always eat breakfast and regular meals.

Its all about nutrition

If you do not have the time, and this should preferably not be the case, or excuse but are on the run; at least prepare a good nutritious meal replacement the night before. Let’s face it some people just aren’t breakfast people BUT THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE STUMBLING BLOCK. Imsyser holds hands with a company called Nucleo that has an amazing if not the best shake available in 3 flavours: Strawberry, chocolate, and neutral. And it tastes delicious and is nutritionally complete!!

Eat high-protein snacks (cheese, nuts) in those lunch boxes. Choose carefully otherwise once again go for the nutritious shake!! Skip simple carbs (sweets, white pasta) and choose complex carbs (healthy whole grain sandwiches)

Imsyser to the Rescue

And here once again Imsyser has a superb Immune stabiliser for kids and adults that allows full absorption of all the essentials that body need (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a supply of Omega 3, 6 & 9) to optimise healthy living all day with naturally elevated energy levels. The kick without the ugly kick of ADHD/Ritalin.

  1. And then of course one of the hidden culprits: Most people tend to think of sadness as the hallmark of depression. Difficulty in concentrating is one of the most common symptoms. If you’re having trouble focusing, and you also feel empty, hopeless, or indifferent, you may be experiencing depression. And here we refer to your children as well. Here too, nutrition plays a crucial role.  So once again, optimise on nutrition and see and feel the difference. Just maybe instead of grabbing hold of unhealthy Ritalin or similar, check for these most basic, easy to fix alternatives.
  1. And finally watch out for toxic overload in the form of medications. It is not just the medications but often the interaction between such. Let ‘Gods foods’ be your medicines and opt for the healthy alternatives ( go green!) and, once again, rather supplement with a 100 % natural alternative than allowing 80% wastage via urination from lab produced supplements. Imsyser is produced from whole-plants and is absorbed as such 100% absorption and no urine colour changes to prove such!!

Once again the difference between the Imsyser tablet range as a natural medicine is that it allows all the essentials in with 100% absorption and then too does a gentle cellular detox to assist with any toxic waste at cellular level. This is a 100 % Natural product.

And finally in extreme cases, children and adults alike, do a good regular 4 yearly ( at least) detox. Imsyser has the perfect range to assist in removing all toxic waste form the gut ( Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse) whilst establishing a natural health balance on the inside with the Imsyser 12 Strain liquid Probiotic . This product  is MUST for ensuring optimal nutritional absorption DAILY. Take a teaspoon in a little juice and feel the difference. Especially children and new-born babies where the existing balance was carried over from the mommy at birth.

ADHD is a state of imbalance that can be addressed with a few lifestyle changes and choices to the benefit of all, at all ages. Don’t be a health statistic just because every doctor wants to label your child/you as ADHD. It is ALL about NUTRITION and then of course the subtle toxic dumping to kick start all the natural healthy processes. It’s that simple…

If in doubt visit the website or call Liza at the office and  hear her witness on her own 5 year old’s journey from original chronic hospital visits ( and antibiotics) – pre IMSYSER days – to a 2 year span of health …..and eventually, wealth, in a way!! Your health is your wealth and this not addressing chronic medications and doctor visits, but in reality, the future of generations to come. Read up on the evils of Ritalin and the potentials of over-use ( 6 months efficiency at best) and brain dysfunctionalities later in life. Sad but true!!

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