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Imsyser 12 Strain Probiotic – The Perfect Product For The Perfect Gut Balance

Cravings and the Role of  Imsyser 12 Strain Probiotic

Are you battling with food cravings, have weight issues, poor digestion and/or bloating issues?? Well, then I am just confirming that a daily probiotic is your answer!!

Clinical Proof

Modern day clinical trials have proven over and over the benefit of taking a DAILY probiotic for ALL health issues and especially ‘brain health discrepancies’ as seen with so many scholars and adults. The debate is not ‘IF’ but ‘which’ probiotic to take when the average dosages in pill form are still based on ‘treatments’ and as a result could end up destroying the pocket. With Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser Probiotic we have the natural solution for all ages at a very affordable rate, totally unique in design AND……the product is literally gaining daily recognition because it works!!

Imsyser to the Rescue

The Imsyser 12 STRAIN liquid probiotic is a forerunner in the health industry as it not only supplies 12 strains of good bacteria using a potent combination of prebiotics to support the “good” bacteria in your gut by supplying the nutrition to help them thrive as well these probiotics. And then added to this amazing formula are 100 % Natural digestive enzymes to assist with digestive issues. The formula helps reduce the number and impact of the “bad” bacteria resulting in bloating, digestive issues and general lack of energy, as nutritional uptake is hindered, with poor gut functioning.

The result is a healthier digestive tract, feelings of increased energy, and a healthier appetite to support better metabolism.

Imsyser Probiotic better than all others

The formula is in 500 ml bottle, enough for the whole family to use for at least a month ( once opened may be used for at least 2 months) and is 100% natural and safe for all ages. Even more unique is the fact that the probiotic does not need refrigeration and being a liquid literally works instantly from the mouth, affecting the oral bacterial balance, all the way past the stomach,( not being affected by the pH of the stomach), and all the way along the gut to the lowest part of the colon. This specific part of the colon is where the unique strains that tablet/capsule strains DON’T have, and as destroyed by most modern day medicines, goes to re-establish and restore the final part of the digestive restoration and elimination.

This formula was uniquely designed to restore healthy human gut microbiome and in this improves all digestive discrepancies but more importantly through this your nutritional uptake is improved and all health and Immune functions automatically improve gut health.  A combination of powerful prebiotics feeds beneficial bacteria and starves the detrimental ones to re-balance your digestive tract, and help improve weight & overall health management.


You CANNOT not afford to try this product. Available country-wide in most pharmacies.  For more call HO 086 010 3859

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