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Improve Your Sex Life

Sharing some health tips from a well-known health Coach about how to improve your sex life, starting with 4 foods that can boost libido and lead to better sex…keeping in mind all health relates to what you eat at the end of the day and then of course the accommodating lifestyle choices made to match the input:

“1. Avocados initially earned their reputation as an aphrodisiac from the ancient Aztecs, and while the jury is still out on whether or not avocados really boost libido, they are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, vitamins E and B6, as well as potassium, which promote cardiovascular health and better blood flow for better performance.

  1. Brazil nuts are a fantastic source of selenium, and studies have shown that they are more effective than supplements at raising blood levels of selenium. This may be especially important to men, as selenium has been shown to boost testosterone, improve sperm quality, and is even advocated for male infertility!
  1. Chocolate may help “set the mood” a number of ways, starting with its sensual taste and aroma. As you bite into chocolate, your body begins to release “feel good” endorphins, “the love hormone” oxytocin, and the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is associated with reward and pleasure.
  1. Oysters are one of the most well-known aphrodisiacs and for good reason. They are a great source of zinc, which is essential for both male and female sex hormone production. Deficiencies in zinc can lead to delayed sexual development and lower sperm counts and testosterone in men. Oysters also contain two unique amino acids that increase the production of sex hormones in both men and women.

Now, while all of the above foods can improve performance and sex drive, there’s nothing better for your sex life than looking and feeling your best.  When you’re trim and feeling sexy, you’ll be more attractive to your partner and with that of course comes a more fulfilling sex life.”

As mentioned before when you are feeling healthy, feeling good, feeling sexy and energy levels match this experience you have won most of the battle. We are body mind and Spirit however, therefore there is a level of head work associated with this; healthy choices, Body & Mind!!

Imsyser the product range would like to assist in the Wellness aspect since you are only as Healthy & Energetic  as your Gut Health is. The 3 step Wellness kit assists in a 7 day Deep Intestinal Detox/Cleanse ( may also be used daily in chronic cases) , supported by a 12 Strain Liquid Pre & Probiotic to assist in establishing and maintaining the Microbial Balance in the Gut and then finally the Imsyser Immune Stabilising Tablets that assist not only in doing this stabilising ( most acidic, Auto-Immune cases of modern day living) but have been known to improve Energy levels amazingly well. All these and other products are 100 % Natural, Nappi Coded and available in most pharmacies. DIANNE may also assist you in any other questions at 086 010 3859 or tell you about the “valentine’s day” special for the month of  February.

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