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Improve Your Metabolism for OPTIMAL Weight Loss

A sluggish metabolism could be the underlying cause for weight loss issues.

Dieting has been identified as one of the major causes for this, particularly “crash dieting” where calories are severely restricted in an attempt to lose weight quickly and “chronic dieting” where calories are restricted for extended periods of time.

Both crash dieting and chronic dieting can and will wreak havoc on your metabolic rate. Studies done have proven that:

  1. the metabolisms of those in the “diet” group were 25% lower than those who had not gained or lost significant weight in the past.
  2. the diet group had so much damage done to their metabolisms over the years that their now battered metabolic rates were slower than those of normal-weight individuals two-thirds their size!
  3. the diet group had decreased levels of important metabolic, fat-burning hormones E.g. thyroid levels dropping by 38%  – 50% after just 2 weeks of consuming a very low calorie diet.

No more crash dieting. The Imsyser team would love to help improve naturally elevated T 3 & 4 counts with the natural plant based sterols and sterolins for improved metabolism and circulation. Also feel improved natural energy levels pick up with a slow detox at cellular level whilst allowing all the essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and source of Omega 3,6 & 9 to keep a healthy nutritional balance.

It is all about lifestyle, a reduced, healthy calorie intake; exercise and enough sleep. Support a healthy pH with enough water and start the year with a good detox.

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