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Improve your brain function with Blueberries

TAMPA, FLORIDA—A recent study conducted at the University of South Florida found that consuming blueberries could help boost brain function.

The study included 105 participants; they were divided up into 2 groups. One group consumed blueberries and the other group was the control group (did not consume blueberries). The researchers followed the subjects for 2 months.

The team found that those who consumed the blueberries had significant improvement in their abilities to think, remember, and learn compared to those who did not consume any blueberries.

According to study author, Paula C. Bickford:

“Overall, the results of the current study were promising and suggest the potential for interventions like these to improve the cognitive health of older adults.”

If you are interested in improving your brain and memory function, you might want to consider adding blueberries to your daily diet.

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