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Taking Care of your body during “Third Wave “

10 Top Immunity Health Boosting Tips to prevent Coronavirus infection as the colder weather creeps up on us this winter

Firstly. Avoid consumption of raw meats, eggs and raw vegetables, fruits or salads in other words while eating out. At home raw vegetables and fruit are great for Immunity health!

Secondly. Include plenty of Vitamin C rich foods in your daily diet that have anti-oxidant properties: gooseberries & berries; coloured peppers; citrus fruits;  guava and broccoli.

Thirdly. Consume lot of ginger and garlic in soups and stews gong forward. These have huge anti-viral properties that boost Immunity.

Fouthly. Ginger & Turmeric water or tea is a greater option early in the morning before coffee start-up. Circulation remains core to healthier Immunity. Raw garlic or ginger, with honey in warm water can soothe a sore throat.

Fifthly. Fresh or dry Turmeric has Curcumin which is a great antibiotic and antiseptic. Curry is a healthy go to stew for a healthy Immunity boost.

Sixth point. Consume as turmeric milk or tea with pinch of pepper. Add Cayenne pepper. Above all, it’s a super antioxidant and circulation boost for early morning start and weight-loss aid.

Seventh point A concoction of Holy Basil, ginger, peppercorn and cloves, boiled with water, is excellent as an alternative tea. Add pure honey to boost Immunity.

Eighth point Fermented foods such as homemade curd, kimchi, pickled veggies provide probiotics, strengthening our gut. Also boosts immunity. If not, take your daily fermented, liquid Imsyser Probiotic. Add water.

Ninth Point No food or drinks laden with sugar – sugars destroy the body’s ability to fight infections.

Finally Stay well hydrated with water. Or detox waters, probiotic water and soups. The brain needs water.

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