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The Immune System

Guard the body

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The immune system works as a system to provide a specialized group of ‘fighter’ cells and substances that work with each other to guard the body against foreign intruders such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, dust and pollen, etc. It also helps guard the body against certain cancers and helps fix damaged tissue.

If the immune system is healthy and fully functional (the body replaces 25% of its immune cells with new one’s every few days using micro-nutrients  i.e. vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals to do this), automatically protecting  us from infections and  toxin overload. A weakened immune system means that the ‘fighters’ are off duty with destructive consequences & gives toxins, harmful organisms and cancer cells the chance to infiltrate and attack the body. A over-taxed immune system is one that bends under the strain of constant toxic overload i.e. auto-immune ‘dis-eases’.

A poor diet and bad lifestyle habits cause a person’s immune system to weaken faster than it should.

Symptoms might include:

  • Frequent colds or flu.
  • Sinus infections & allergies.
  • Susceptibility to infectious diseases.
  • Constant
  • Skin eruptions or lesions & rashes.
  • Constant headaches.
  • General body infection.
  • Joint inflammation and swelling. And and…

Toxic substances contaminate the air around (pesticides, cleaning agents and air pollution). Smoking or alcohol abuse are but some of many.

The body also produces natural toxins as part of the metabolic body processes. The liver & gut  is tasked with detoxifying the body. When there are too many toxic substances in the body, the liver cannot keep up with filtering out all the toxins, which causes a toxin build-up. This in turn bur-dons the gut already straining under an existing hard toxic-laden layer lining the gut.

Add a good dose of stress over long periods of time and our immune system will crash.

Antibiotics are constantly being used for every small infection: this also breaks down the body’s immunity.

Lack of sleep it causes the immune system to deteriorate rapidly. In today’s rat race all that can truly save us from this state of misery is a healthy immune system which at the end of the day originates out of a healthy gut.

What to do:

  • Follow a healthy diet with enough fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure high levels of antioxidants in the body.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Exercise daily
  • Drink plenty of good water water.
  • Where possible, replace chemical products around you with natural products. (Insecticides, deodorants, air freshener, soap, etc.)
  • Get plenty of sleep (7 to 8 hours)
  • Use natural medication for minor infections such as herbal and homeopathic remedies instead of antibiotics.
  • A little sun every day.
  • Minimize stress.
  • Supplement with Natural products designed to support Immune Health.

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