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Immune Support NOT Immune Boosting!!!

Immune Support NOT Immune Boosting!!!

 It is a well-known fact that while certain chemicals can cure many acute/chronic medical conditions, they can also harm the body in various ways. Often when a particular chemical substance is used to help with a troubling condition, the same chemical causes another problem to arise (either immediately or sometime later). The result is that another chemical is required to cure the new ailment (new symptom) and so a vicious cycle of dependency begins.

Although a lot of the natural remedies used by traditional healers and mankind’s forefathers really worked, modern man does not even know about them and has moved on to the chemical alternatives not realising this resultant ‘dis-ease’ trend. And this is where the trouble started…

In the not-too-distant past, no chemicals or artificial substances were used in healing practices. People had to rely on natural products to heal their various maladies. These natural products included things like plants, roots, insects and honey etc. This reliance on natural healing inspired the creator of Imsyser to study the regenerative effects of many plants, and other natural ingredients.

During 2004 Imsyser was formulated, a truly groundbreaking 100% natural product. A powerful Immune System Stabilizer (tablet), truly unique in its design and streets ahead of its competitors understanding the origin of modern day ‘dis-eases’ as more commonly known today as ‘auto-immune’ “dis-eases”. From this “Imsyser” was born, the first in what then became a comprehensive range of all-natural health products (2 extra branded products to support optimal gut health) was designed to support optimal health and ‘dis-ease’ prevention and not mere symptom alleviation…

It is a well-known scientific fact that for the body to function optimally i.e. free from disease a healthy Immune System (stemming from a healthy gut) is a fundamental requirement.

All our health products originate from this view point, supporting optimal balanced Immune Health through a healthy gut functioning, and are intended to form a well-balanced, stabilized body condition.

Crucial to this state of equilibrium of the Immune System, is a healthy and balanced pH since no health can be observed or maintained without such. This balance might easily be understood when optimal gut health is obtained, re-establishing good clean intestinal linings, with optimal quantities of healthy intestinal microbial flora to support such. Any imbalance or disturbance in any one of these aspects will cause degenerate ‘dis-ease(s)’, loss of natural energy and all cellular balance. In turn, the cycle of events, as described above, will lead to yet more drugs and co-dependencies with even more discrepancies…

Knowing that 95 % of diseases start in the intestinal tract it was a given that the 3 stage healing should start with a deep cleanse of the intestinal tract. Thus the inclusion of the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse (150 g powder): made of 100 % natural herbs & fibre (Psyllium husks) to gently soften and then cleanse the whole intestinal tract removing all old mucoidal build-up(plaque) that would normally prevent good nutrition into cells and the old waste from passing out of the body again. A crucial first step in the process of detoxing to prepare the body for optimal balance and efficiency.

The next step logically needed to include Imsyser’s Microbial Stabilizer (a “12 strain” essential good bacteria and enzymes 500 ml Liquid blend), to qualify this state of equilibrium, thereby enhancing quality of gut functioning and thereby also all related aspects of healthy living. A sure cure to any IBS problems and related discrepancies stemming from within the gut.

And, finally, the Immune System Stabiliser (120 tablets) – the sealer of all good Immune health and overall cellular health. Each of the Imsyser 100 % Natural products be used individually and do credit unto themselves in its own uniquely designed capacity according to the clients’ specific needs or in combination, as a health & restorative kit, designed to not only alleviate symptoms but to look for the CAUSE of DISEASE…….

 Optimal Health in a simple 3 step kit has never been this simple, this healthy or easy to use. Whether healthy or in any dis-eased state, Imsyser Health Products may help by assisting in treating the root to the problem…  

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