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Ill-Health as defined by the Imsyser Team

Ill-health does not mean that the intelligence within the body is not doing the best it can do. The drive is to maintain life, and will be keeping vital functions moving along to the best of its ability despite the circumstances. So even with ill health the intelligence is still doing the best it can do. Drugs shift the dynamics of the systems intelligence (drugs have no intelligence and is just doing what it is meant to do) and the body must now find a new balance. So previous symptoms may disappear to the delight of the patient but the system as a whole may be under increasing pressure. This increasing pressure may or may not express itself early as so called side effects of the drug or much later, even years later as other symptoms or signs which may move into another disease condition.

Good Nutrition ,however, from naturally grown products full of vitamins, minerals and a host of other nutrients will filter into the body’s physiological process to support the healthy innate intelligence of the system function in a most natural way. Poor food choices, junk food , GMO foods and food grown with toxins and unbalanced soil will not support the health of the body in the same way that organic food does.

Good Natural Products is to support health where nutrition fails or fails to complete the nutritional needs i.e. supplementing /supporting heath. Doctors prescribe vitamins for example in order to maximize the healthy function of the body that is deficient in those vitamins. If food itself was good enough then no one would be deficient in a range of vitamins. The body for example cannot make vitamin C which is required in large amounts  by the adrenals under stress. The purpose of drugs, however, is to interfere with a biochemical process.

Herbs contain hundreds of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anticancer products, calming or stimulating ingredients which can all be used by the body is a supportive role. Keep in mind that the body has its own stimulating and sedating chemicals, can make its own antioxidants and even free radicals.

A good metaphor for this difference between a drug and a natural product is like the difference between an enemy and a friend. The one in its own mind set and will do its own thing not caring particularly of your own needs , while the friend listens carefully and offers his service working with you to achieve what you need.

Food for thought next time you opt for the drug. Sharing these thoughts from health professionals that care. Visit the Imsyser team at for more.

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