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Hygiene Basics Has Been Around For A Long Time!!

Hygiene Basics Has Been Around For A Long Time!! 3 Basic Covid-19 Rules

Hygiene Basics Has Been Around For A Long Time! Who invented the 3 basic Covid-19 rules to protect us? You might feel quite manipulated by now as it has been enforced for more than a year on all globally but let’s look at a gentler view on disease prevention with:

 1 – Social Distance 

 2 – Hand hygiene

3 – Using the mask

Did you know? Look it up in the Bible! These laws were given to the nation of Israel 3,500 years ago.

 1 – EXODUS 30: 18-21 – Wash your hands so that they will not die

 2 – LEVITICUS 13: 4, 5, 46 – If you have symptoms, keep your distance, cover your mouth and avoid contact.

 3 – LEVITICUS 13: 4, 5 – Who is infected must remain in quarantine for 7 to 14 days

And there are still those who doubt that the Bible is a book of wisdom !!! Furthermore, you are what you eat – once again God – Mother Nature provides the best; eat from His garden!!

Sunlight for your Vit D – once again God provides the best!!

Sleep enough – God set the rhythms by creating day and night!!

Water from God’s healthiest sources and you should be safest because God created your Immunity for your very best Immunity.

At Imsyser we understand the natural rhythm of things, and for further needs such as the best washable reusable masks, activated silver imbedded in the nanotechnology material

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