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Humans Are Chronically Dehydrated!

Humans are chronically dehydrated!

And this is not only because they don’t drink enough water they don’t drink enough GOOD water that has the ability to properly hydrate the body!


Although we can argue that juices and sodas are “technically” liquids, they are in no way comparable to water. Water is what fuels our digestive system, our immune system, and yes, our liver, kidney and (most of all) our bladder systems. Our cells crave water- pure, clean, not flavoured or carbonated water.

Filling your body with sugary drinks can actually dehydrate you. And before you say it — “but I drink diet soda”- just know that the sodium in those devilishly deceptive drinks actually dehydrate your body even more. If you want to feel good and chipper, not sluggish and tired, drink W-A-T-E-R.

Coffee has the natural ability to dehydrate you and caffeinated tea is not much better! So, this is also NOT THE SOLUTION!!


Tap water has always been a confusing topic for most people (especially parents). So to clear it up: no, tap water won’t kill you. And yes, the chlorine and other small trace amounts of chemicals can help kill bad bacteria in your mouth and stomach. However… it can also kill the good bacteria in your mouth and gut, making you more susceptible to things like viruses, digestive problems, and stomach illnesses.

Filtered water is best – whether you buy it at the store or you filter it in your house- simply for the sake of your microbiome (with in-house filtering being the preferred choice due to our love of the planet and hatred of plastic water bottles). If tap water is your most efficient and cost-effective choice, by all means continue, but maybe supplement those bacteria-killing chemicals with a probiotic supplement so as to keep your microbiome balanced.

I always tell my clients to source a good water and then add ‘life’ to it. Make ‘sole’ solution that not only supplies all the essential minerals but optimises energy levels. Call 086 010 3859 for more on how to do this.

For the best probiotic supply for those that don’t have other choices also call Imsyser Health at 086 010 3859. The 12 strain Liquid Probiotic is completely unique in the health industry and has the highest supply of probiotics, a supply of prebiotics as well as digestive enzymes to best mimic replacing the good natural healthy balance a healthy gut needs.

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So in conclusion: Follow the 8×8 rule and choose either tap or filtered water as your source, supplementing any intake of chemicals with a probiotic solution! If you adhere to these tips, you will feel and look much better all summer long!

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