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How Your Gut Affects Your Overall Well-Being

When a major nerve, called the vagus travels from the brain stem to the gut, it affects everything.  Issues that occur in your stomach also affect your brain.  Your thoughts and emotions also affect your stomach.  The messages that then travel along the vagus nerve are carried from your digestive system toward your brain and it has a strong influence on how your mind works.

To improve your digestive health, you will have a major impact on your emotional state, if you battle with depression or anxiety, or any other mental health issue you struggle with.

The gut, also seen as the second brain contain more than thirty neurotransmitters, and a hundred million neurons.

Friendly Flora: A Happy Brain Needs It

They say that your bacteria in your body is seen as the “Unforgotten Organ”.

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that live throughout your entire digestive tract.   Your gut’s bacteria gets broken down, due to stress, toxins, sugar and carbohydrates that then damages the proteins in your diet.

Probiotics help to line your intestinal tract, and to eat up toxic pathogens.  By saying , that it helps to line the gut, it prevents pathogens and food particles from escaping into the bloodstream.  When your body is lacking the beneficial bacteria, holes develop in the lining.  This then causes these elements to pass through the intestinal wall and out into the rest of the bod.

This is how chonic health conditions rise up. This includes mood issues, and psychological problems.  Probiotics help to increase the population of friendly gut flora.  The probiotic then helps to fill and seal the holes in the intestinal lining, where the body then does the healing.

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