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How To Protect You And Your Family From ANY Disease…

Your gut is responsible for 70 % of your Immunity so it make sense to keep your gut optimally functional to ensure optimal Immune health. How To Protect You And Your Family From ANY Disease…So what do we do about this? Well it’s  not found in antibacterial gels, flu vaccines, antibiotics or for that matter any other quick fixes.  It is however about combating illness and prevention at core level i.e. your gut. But since our diet and lifestyles have changed dramatically in the last century we now have a huge problem maintaining this core and therefore our Immune Health.

You are what you eat so as it was no problem; ‘God’-enriched foods, from mother earth to the table. But instead of getting our food from known sources, we now have prepared meals, eat on the run, lost our nutritional connection with Mother Earth and of course all the associated mineral losses with the rampant mineral pollution and losses in modern day plant.

Then we add to this cocktail od toxic pollution, refined foods, increase of toxins in the form of preservatives and we had chaos in the gut. In many ways, the quality of life has gone by the wayside and people are reaching higher ages but poorly so and suffer many auto –immune discrepancies from lack of energy, weight gain, gut discrepancies and various forms of compromised health. And worst of all this is not just the ‘aged’ but young with ADD and more (depression, acne, listlessness etc.)

The chain of events is simple to understand , with countless studies to back it up: Good bacteria found in probiotic-rich foods(plant sources from Mother Nature) support good gut health. Good gut health supports strong Immunity. Researchers have without a doubt concluded that Immune dysfunction known to trigger a host of health problems, ranging from clinical depression to auto-immune disease, do stem from disrupted communication between the immune system and the human gut. Scientists have ALSO confirmed that good gut bacteria are necessary to elicit an Immune response against viral and bacterial attacks.

Now taking into account that the Immune System a only functioning a healthy environment it leaves us with 2 forms of attack:

  1. Clean the gut first with the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse either with a booster 7 day treatment or daily till all mucoidal plaque is removed
  2. Enhance gut functioning with a daily dose of good bacteria using the Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser to optimise gut and Immune functioning.

Then optimise Immune health with the Imsyser Immune Stabiliser Tablets to ENSURE optimal Immune Health. Visit or call Imsyser at 086 010 3859 for more on these amazing products. Good Gut health is Good Immune Health!!!

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