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How Does Good Bacteria Benefit Your Health

We have entered the era of promoting health naturally and of promoting health by enhancing innate body functions. IMSYSER’s 12 STRAIN Efficient Microbes  may be one of the most potent beneficial bacteria products yet developed, and has already revolutionized the probiotic industry. IMSYSER’s 12 STRAIN Efficient Microbes has already revealed its effectiveness in many health conditions and scientifically proven to do the following:

  • Keeping the colon clean and healthy
  • Raising immunity by increasing the number of immune cells in the body
  • Helping to replenish nutrients lost while taking antibiotics
  • Promoting immunity by producing their own antibodies
  • Promoting regular bowel habits
  • Protecting against environmental toxins
  • Destroying fungal overgrowth
  • Preventing infection
  • Cleaning the digestive tract
  • Promotes energy and stamina which helps to counter fatigue
  • Helps to maintain hepatic health and a healthy liver.Imsyser-bac

Considering all the above, it stands to reason then that we should all be ensuring we are getting good bacteria EVERY DAY of our lives.  The food we eat today is just not enough to maintain a healthy body. Even babies are BORN with discrepancies out of mommy because she has such and which explains chronic colic in most cases!!

IMSYSER’s 12 STRAIN Efficient Microbes is a 100% natural blend of beneficial bacteria that will ensure that your body is able to utilise the nutrition from the food that you eat, prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria, and create its own natural vitamins. No matter how good your diet is, or what other products you take, your body cannot function 100% optimally without the correct balance of beneficial bacteria. This applies to weight loss, all general and very specifically ALL GUT ISSUES.  This 12 STRAIN cocktail includes the necessary PREBIOTICS needed to support the PROBIOTICS and NATURAL DIGESTIVE ENZYMES to support OPTIMAL GUT HEALTH.

Get IMSYSER’s 12 STRAIN Efficient Microbes today for not only one of the best probiotics in the market place because of its unique design concept but also because this probiotic needs NO REFRIDGERATION and is supplied in a 500 ml bottle that once opened may last up to 2 months for the WHOLE FAMILY.  You cannot do better for your family’s health and the results are amazing. Visit for more or call IMSYSER at 086 010 3859.


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