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Holidays & Weight Management

No one expects you to maintain the perfect balance all the time but one of the added benefits of the holidays is about just releasing into the pleasure of the holiday and it’s amazing to see how weight actually manages to settle when stress levels are reduced.

Even knowing this, it is however important to make healthier choices when eating and drinking. This does not have to disturb the whole family routine and mood but try and make a conscious CHOICE TO CHOOSE the healthier alternative. Don’t  do without; do with alternative!!  It’s that simple.

So, sip the glass of whine a little slower with some water on the side. Drink your 2 -3L of water to assist hunger cravings (and add a little lemon  on the side it assist the acid management) and also helps to fill that ‘hole’. Anyway a well hydrated body looks and feels better!!

Nothing wrong with having that apple cider vinegar/honey in hot water as your first drink first thing in the morning, followed by your favourite – more than likely coffee, I am guessing. But once again it is choices!

For the record DO AVOID SUGARS and those sweeteners since they do start the same metabolic reactions as sugars themselves.

DO AVOID those breads – there are hidden sugars in most breads and GMO wheat cause havoc in the body. Instead have your 100% rye toast; but this is choosing the healthier alternative; once again!

And DO AVOID those health bars. Just check the packaging an you will see the ingredient list is very often deceiving although it might seem like an easy choice or supposed answer to a quick ‘diet’ in-between. Think again!!

And finally my favourite, yoghurt. Big NO NO!! Once again read those labels and You will be amazed at the potential of the yoghurt you might be buying thinking that this is a natural diet alternative. NO! Yoghurt are full of warning ingredients. If you need that sweetener late at night or after a meal then PLAIN NATURAL yoghurt is your alternative CHOICE but add frozen berries and if need be add some honey and you will taste the difference and definitely feel the difference in your weight, eventually.

These are merely the biggies I am warning you about. Try just filling your plate with the greens you KNOW make the difference – they fill you and they ‘FEED’. That is the trick – nutritional filling that allows the brain to process that you are full which sets all the other hormones in place to alert the brain and other body functions into stopping eating. When this habit is maintained you must see and feel the difference otherwise the body would not be functioning in its natural ability to tell you that it NATURALLY knows how to do. The body NATURALLY knows ( has hormones doing this) when it is really hungry and the same applies for when it has had enough ( also hormone release).

So, just go and enjoy your holiday. Have fun. SLEEP and just go Safe; all of these Blessings from the  Imsyser team dedicated to your health.

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