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Holiday Weight-loss Tips

1) Don’t go hungry. Have healthy snacks on hand all the time; this avoids the bad snacking or worse!!!

2) Never skip breakfast!! Studies show that breakfast skippers are more likely to have weight issues, end up over-indulging when they get started and have lower levels of energy all day round!!

3) Eat a protein at every meal. Try making sure you have a portion of carbohydrate & protein and more importantly those healthy veggies & salads. Proteins are known to keep you full longer and stimulates your metabolism.

4)  Eat smaller portions more regularly to keep metabolism going.

5)  Summer time is salad time!!!

5) Drink plenty of water( with a squeeze of lemon juice) every single day. A lot of perceived hunger is really thirst and many of us are walking around mildly dehydrated.

6) Catch up on the good sleep ( before 12pm and not thereafter!!)

7) Slow down on the alcohol or space better with an added glass of water in between. Or add soda to that glass of white wine. Maybe try avoid the beers and ciders that contain excess amounts of calories.

8)  And last but not least ; don’t forget to take along your daily dose of probiotics. Studies have proven that probiotics ensure not only healthy gut movement but also assist in weight management. And try this instant relief for gaseousness, bloating or general overeating discomfort!!!

9)  And then take those supplements along.  Not only will vitamins and minerals ensure a healthy norm but assist in that occasional ‘babalas’. One of the quickest ways to assist your body in the process of recovering from too much alcohol is to up the mineral levels.

For assistance in this try the Imsyser Microbial Stabiliser probiotic Liquid designed to assist in step 8) and for the record is a 2 month(once opened) supply handy for the whole family, all ages and does NOT have to be refrigerated!!

The Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser Tabs are an all in one source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a source of Omega 3,6 & 9 also for the whole family. Visit for more on any of the amazing products in this range.

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