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Holiday time is Restoration Time!

It’s holidays and you have time to:

Sleep. Rest is crucial for not only resetting the body clock but rebooting your Immune System so sleep as much and as often with good quality long night hours to be your body’s best friend this holiday.

Good thoughts. It is a time of emotional restoration and catching up in family time and forgiveness. It is a scientific fact that your health is going nowhere in any state of forgiveness especially towards self. Just do it as the Nike saying goes. You are worth it!

Hydrate. I know it is a time where more social means more drinking but there is nothing stopping you from taking in enough water to not only hydrate but also to counter all ill effects of the very drinking that might be happening. And statistically we are sick more as a result of dehydration ( good healthy water penetration into cells) than any other reason – hydrates counters ‘tacky blood’ which in itself slows down all healthy flow of energy,  life and health flow in and around the body. It also ensures good waste removal out if the body. Use water to help detox this holiday. Simple but effective!

Nutrition is always first choice for healing. Let food be your medicine! It’s that simple. You know what to do- healthier choices, healthier substitutes and quite simply supplement with good wholefood choices like Imsyser ‘s tablets – a urine test is simple proof what goes in is being used and not being water out. Check for yourself!

For centuries it has been known and taken into account the strong connection between brain and gut and emphasised the importance of not being stressed while eating. This is just one of the pointers in optimising digestion.

So stop, slow down and enjoy your family meal. Family time not tv time and see and feel  the health benefit.

Improve digestion with a good probiotic like the Imsyser range which when taken daily improves digestion, gives energy, stops bloating and has not only a huge health benefit but strong influence on your emotional well-being. This is a proven scientific fact that could make or break year end blues and or year end exhaustion. A healthy tip from the Imsyser team – you and your family need a daily dose of probiotic EVERY day for your best ever health choice in 2018!

Sunlight = vit D! Enough but not too much. Healthier timing and no peak hour exposure is always best. If it’s winter where you are, supplement.

Exercise daily. Let’s face it you might have left the gym at home and that’s good! But nothing stopping you from good water sports, healthy brisk walking or even a run or cycle. You don’t have to be the power house funding just do something everyday and keep the metabolism going it’s that simple.

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