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Holiday: Prepare For Sunscreen Safety

Summer is here; holidays around the corner. Now is the time to prepare for sunscreen safety.

Sharing more on the safe use of sunscreens.

The most common ingredients in chemical sunscreens are oxybenzone, octisalate, octinoxate, and avobenzone.

  1. Oxybenzone triggers allergic reactions.  All chemicals that ( the largest organ in the body) are absorbed through the skin are potential hormone disruptors by acting as an estrogen in the body.  That means that they interfere with the regulation of the reproductive, nervous, thyroid and immune systems, particularly if exposures occur during pregnancy or childhood. Some experts caution that children should not use these products, yet they are some of the most common ingredients in sunscreens geared towards children and babies.
  2. Vitamin A listed as “retinyl palmitate” on the label. Although Vitamin A is an important fat-soluble vitamin to include in your diet, new research shows that tumors and lesions develop sooner on skin coated with creams containing vitamin A.  It is found as an ingredient in 33% of sunscreens, so read labels carefully!

Products with Zinc and/or Titanium as the main ingredients are called Mineral sunscreens.

These safe alternatives to chemical sunscreens block harmful UV rays and reflect the rays away from the skin.  Unlike oxybenzone and other chemical sunscreens, zinc and titanium are not allergenic, are not absorbed through the skin, do not break down in sunlight, and most importantly, do not disrupt the body’s natural hormones.   Just be sure that your Zinc or Titanium product is not nano-nized.  Nanonizing particles makes them absorbable through the skin, and make them inhalable, especially when they are used in a spray product.  The safest bet is to use non-nano forms of zinc and/or titanium as the main sunscreen ingredients, and apply in a non-spray cream or lotion base.

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