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Holiday Prep Time….

Tips to stay safe and healthy

Going on holiday for most, as for myself, this year, is actually a first! Scary reality!! And we are all exhausted but yet need to break from work and we need to see the family, where possible. I might share it was one of my most challenging years ever in almost 60 years – from all work and no play through too loss to death (not COVID-19) and tremendous chronic stress as I watched so much pain all around me especially here in South Africa. Was it a learning curve of note – of course!!! Did I have a huge life lesson in constant adaption too change – of course!! And more importantly, I realized that  every day is a new Blessing.

The intention of this blog is to bless you going into this holiday season, prepare you with the necessary precautions needed and motivate you on and for your journey. Rules are there for our protection, as annoying as they are. The price we pay be it monetary value or worse, our health is just not worth it if we are ‘punished’ accordingly. So, abide by them.

Wear your mask as instructed. Make sure you have a re-usable, washable mask since we will you will be more mobile and more than likely have summer sweaty issues to deal with so reusable is key whilst allowing for healthier breathing through this mask as offered by the Imsyser Nanotech mask:

PS Don’t train with a mask; have it on hand but whilst exercising don’t use!

Drive and keep using your sanitizer especially when you have had public contact – not necessarily in the car as you need to secure your best Immunity going forward and constant spraying too just spray is not advised:

PS if you are really worried about the new premises take a long a few room foggers too clean out before you go in:

Keep hydrated. It is not just a good health tip but in sunnier conditions more important and during Covid has proved absolutely essential too good health and best protection against the virus.

Rest enough and share driving. Be safe!!!

Eat and snack healthy – so prepare beforehand as the worst offense is that which we buy alongside the road and or in a ravenous state. Keep those healthier snacks on ice for the healthier pleasantries and you will feel more energised as well. Remember you are what you eat!!!

Immunity is core. So be prepared! Take along and use and share your daily probiotic for the whole family. Not only will you deal with bloated issues as we often do on holidays but also improve your digestion and absorption which is core for good Immunity :

Take your daily supplements for best Immunity as food sources is not just a global challenge but on holiday more so for your healthier alternatives: 

If Immunity is your drive, then gut health is core.  We have mentioned the value of a daily probiotic for all the family members – just add too a smoothie or some juice for the children and no one will even notice you are dealing with health issues into the holiday:

And, of course, if you battle with constipation as any do on the road your daily probiotic helps but up your daily fibre with the Imsyser cleanse – ½ dose once a day – no changes of bowel movements – just good healthy fibre for optimal cleansing and movement without runny tunnies or worse:

We share because we care. Simple tips yet effective for everyday lifestyle choices and just more so on the travels. Safe travels and Be Blessed this holiday season. We haven’t had any of our regular customers give feedback with Covid so we pretty much are sure Imsyser should keep you safe this journey. Keep your very own Vulcan Silver on hand in case there are any occurrences that need attention be it virus or any type of infections: and you are safe to go. BON VOYAGE!

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