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Hidden Truth About Nucleo

I rarely compare food labels. Hidden Truth About Nucleo,¬†So allow me to unpack some “hidden truths” about Nucleo’s label.

Generally, I sample a new food/drink by tasting it.

Occasionally taste becomes less important, if I see the health benefits. Most people do the same.

So allow me to unpack some “hidden truths” about Nucleo’s label. Few people are aware of this:

Mystery of the amino acids

Labels love amino acids.

Pick up any energy drink, whey protein shake, muscle builder, health breakfast shake and you will notice a huge list of amino acids. In tiny quantities. It simply lists the amino acid building blocks of the protein used in the product.

Now look at the Nucleo label. It only lists one amino acid blend. Why? No space on the label to list them all. And the proteins are listed already. What is important is the quality and the quantities of the amino acids.

Both spirulina and soya in Nucleo contain all the essential amino acids required daily. We added the amino acid blend over and above these. In larger quantities than your typical whey protein. The blend comprise high quality aminos. Our supplier in Germany confirmed no other South African company is importing it.

This blend is quite potent and effective. As shown in results  we encountered with endurance athletes across the board over the last 10 years:

It avoids lactic acid forming in athletes. Increased endurance. Faster recovery from injuries. Eliminates cramping. Improved muscle growth. Greater fat burn. Reduced fatigue during training. Improved focus.

Lift a glass of Nucleo to a powerful protein packed within a superfood!

P.S. More and more people are noticing Nucleo’s fair pricing compared to other protein shakes, considering the diversity, quality, and quantities of the ingredients. If you get to compare labels of course.

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