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Hi-lighting Gut News…..

What we have learnt about securing Gut health, Brain health and all Health from within your Gut going forward….

We all know that our microbiome influences everything from digestion to mental health to Immunity; so it would seem a ‘no-brainer’ to start right there in the gut. And where we are positioned amidst this horrid of pandemic, never before, with stress levels going through the roof , affecting our Immunity right through to realizing the fine line between staying on the “life” side of Covid-19, boils down to ensuring a non-compromised Immunity is that very ‘trick’ which will keep you alive.  

Chronic stress and inadequate sleep—which often go hand in hand—can both interfere with the gut in different ways. Your gut and brain talk via the gut-brain axis. Not only does that mean poor gut health can negatively influence your mental health, but lots of stress or emotional turmoil can also mess with your gut.

So, let’s deal with the factors that will affect this “life-vs-death” status:

Diet is crucial

We know that processed foods, sugars etc are bad for the gut not just because they contain very little fibre but they are really missing the ‘live factor’ that your classic home-cooked meal offers when the bulk of the plate (home cooked greens) is concerned. And hard as it is, the lockdown offered opportunity to go back to basics with home time cooking, with eating out, impossible! And more importantly, realising that sitting down for a meal, taking your time, chewing well and small basics are the real lifesavers going forward. Gut health and brain health and synonymous with each other which makes healthy family eating routines crucial going forward, served best where Mother Nature is involved, with good fibre to feed our microbiome. And then, these little creatures, our microbiome, will serve us best, because literally everything revolves around them anyway!

Maybe our pockets are hard hit with all the meat we have so classically got used to, but guess what, studies show that excessive consumption of animal products (particularly in the absence of fibre-rich foods) may also have a negative impact on the gut microbiome, increasing the bile-tolerant gut microbes, which are necessary for breaking down fat and are directly associated with inflammatory reactions in the body. Less meat is better….and of course better on the pocket as well!

Maybe excessive refined carbohydrates and sugars was also not on your affordability list till now, but guess what, this too might have been your saving grace and worth investing into going forward since studies also prove that if sugars reduce the microbial biodiversity and feed bad microbes. Sugar is also the no 1 reason for yeast to grow in their gut, and activate Candida overgrowth.

Toxicity is your Enemy no 1.

From Antibiotics to herbicides, pesticides to parasites or worse

Glyphosates acts by chelating minerals, starving crops of nutrients by chelating minerals in the soil, and it does the same thing if it gets into the gut killing bacteria by chelating essential nutrients that they need to replicate and consequently cause dysbiosis. Antibiotics totally change and or destroy your natural microbiome, aggravating any potential dysbiosis, and from these we cannot escape as they are hidden in our food and drink sources without us even having to take a tablet!

Human health is proportional to soil health – the source of your food – of hopefully so – and that is not just the fact that these ‘evils’ exist and the number of these evils being introduced into our systems is increasing yearly; but, also the fact that the very source of what should be our natural supply of good bacteria to optimise these in our gut, is also them missing.   

What can you do to support your gut?

On the Diet issue…

Stick to the good old fashioned eating rules as already mentioned and source organic foods – farm style if you can – so that the good natural wholefood sources are your ‘food’ – I meant medicine – and as mentioned, your source of good bacteria, also as explained.  

If not…supplement. Supplement with your most natural wholefood product you can find to mimic Mother Nature as best possible:

and get your best supply of probiotic that can supply these soil-based probiotics:

Gone are the days where a probiotic was supportive to an antibiotic and that’s it. It is now your very best friend that will make or break your gut health. That will make or break your brain health. That will make or break your Immunity and therefore will make of break you in this Pandemic.

There are also other lifestyle practices to help support your microbiome, like exercising regularly to optimise circulation for your best defence against this Covid-19, spending healthy quality time with Nature and or God to ease stress, getting plenty of sleep, and always staying hydrated, one of the most uninformed truths ever!

We care not just because we are in the midst of a huge crisis for so many reasons but because this is the very basic nature of what is needed to sustain “life” – and the Imsyser story. Call us to find our more or simply click here for the bare essential truth:  

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