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Help during Allergy Time

Sinus attacks

It is the season for sinus attacks and Spring-time going into summer seasonal changes with allergies taking its health toll especially in South Africa compared to the rest of the world battling with colds and flues right now. Sneezing and itchy, watery eyes and the classic symptom of allergies with a blocked nose not only drives all fear into those around you considering the Covid Pandemic is clearly still an issue, but remains uncomfortable at the best of times.  Merely considering open airways during these compromised times remains crucial, so too the fact that to do any sport, it is a basic necessity!

The simplest strategy is avoidance. If you know you have an allergy, stay away from your triggers or protect yourself by wearing a mask and taking showers after being outdoors, especially on dry, windy days. Over-the-counter antihistamines, which work by blocking an Immune system chemical called histamine that’s involved in allergic reactions, can help un-stuff your nose. So too, by avoiding more chemical approaches you may choose to make your own nasal rinses to wash away allergens using purified, saline sprays or simply go for the Natural Colloidal Silver & Magnesium Nasal Spray, manufactured for Imsyser health, for clearing up your stuffed-up, allergic & or blocked nose.  Bacteria and viruses and allergens are all causal in many blocked nose cases and when prolonged it becomes chronic needing extra TLC:  

Colds and the flu

A dramatically stuffed nose is a symptom of both colds and the flu, which are caused by viruses. Viruses as we have all learnt by now cannot be remedied by antibiotics but a healthy Immunity and precious time to bring about the healing needed. However, if you don’t take care, you could get a secondary infection from bacteria that grow in your nasal passages within the mucous block; and in this case once again the safer health option remains with a nasal rinses can help wash viruses and bacteria away, managing infection. The only difference In this case is added hydration as an added precaution when managing flu symptoms and so too enough sleep building the Immunity with your very best immune support supplement:

Stress during Compromised Times

Stress and other strong emotions can cause changes in hormone levels that make the blood vessels in the nose get bigger, constricting your nose and making it harder to breathe. This is called vasomotor rhinitis or non-allergic rhinopathy and is similar to what happens to some pregnant women who get stuffed up. The best course of action is to identify the source of your stress and either eliminate it or find a healthy way to deal with it. Once again manage the actual blocked nose with the Imsyser nasal spray for best 100% natural health results.

Pregnancy also often triggers many of these type of nasal responses but may also be managed by using our Imsyser 100% natural safe nasal spray. For any help in this regard call 086 010 3859 or simply click here:

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