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Heavy Metals are a Big Problem!!

Heavy metals lead to most modern day Toxic Diseases

HEAVY METALS play a critical and dangerous role in our health, and they are present everywhere with modern-day toxicity. It comes through our skin products, our oral health products, in the vaccines and meds, in the water we drink and many food sources. In reality if we are not purposefully going organic we have a big problem:

External sources of Contamination

Found in 90% of the vitamins, minerals, supplements, capsules and pills chemically produced and tested.

50 different metals in dental metal fillings. 20 different metals in water. And everything is made up of water so guess what we have huge exposure risks!!

Internal sources of Contamination

Each enzyme contains a mineral inside. Once an enzyme has run out of its life it is digested, but leaves the mineral as a waste, now in the form of METAL. We eliminate it with faeces and urine, but fungi and bacteria can find it before we get rid of it. Now we have a problem that can literally circulate throughout the body with the help of your bacteria which as we know are 10:1!! And if your kidneys are fatigued or your gut isn’t working properly you are even more at risk because no matter how much this heavy metal is circulated it is going to battle to be wasted out of the body.

It is also a known fact that kidney diseases and malfunctioning is the disease of the future with a present waiting list for dialysis of 5+years before such help is available!

Heavy Metals also participate in the deactivation of our white blood cells! Now we are talking about even greater issues – your Immunity. Deactivated white blood cells spells disaster.

Parasites and bacteria use them to thrive and grow and then expel them. And once again we still have the same issues of recirculated heavy metals just not escaping the body. Combined with the potential of endotoxins from parasites and bacteria through a classic modern-day leaky gut trend, delivers all of these toxins into the blood which might or might not enter past the blood-brain barrier and we wonder about all the latest rising trends of old-age issues and or depression seen in children of younger ages.

Heavy Metal Detoxing

Going green is always the solution. Some like to do a couple of weeks a year with bentonite clay or activated charcoal but for your daily maintenance I suggest going green. At Imsyser we have a Chaya range (formats capsules, powder for smoothies or tea leaves) that assist with daily maintenance of heavy metal detoxing or simply going the green route with a green shake daily. For this we suggest you use the Geva Green powder branded by Imsyser ( and  even add the Chaya powder to this shake) for best results.

In both regards we are talking about greens assisting in the budging of these heavy metals at cellular level. Remember flushing out with loads of good healthy living water is crucial and for best results and for all other cellular detoxes, including these metals, use the Imsyser daily supplement  for optimal health improvements, including energy release:

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