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Heart problems begin in the colon

Sharing more scary statistics: Heart problems begin in the colon!!!

It has been suggested that bloating and gas kill up to 49% of heart patients in 5 years… when your gut bacteria get ‘out of balance’, bad bacteria take over. These bad bacteria cause a host of health problems like bloating, gas and fatigue…

But more importantly, when they digest food, they release a waste product called TMAO.

TMAO is a nasty toxin that increases your heart risk. Although scientists are still not sure why this happens, they have demonstrated the link clearly in studies. In one recent study, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic gathered a group of patients with heart problems. They discovered that half of all the patients with high levels of TMAO died from heart complications before the end of the study.

If you feel tired all the time, gain weight easily or suffer from constipation and diarhea, then it may be a warning sign that ‘bad’ bacteria are producing TMAO in your colon…

If you want to restore your gut health, follow the Imsyser Gut routine by doing a regular deep intestinal cleanse (every 4-6 weeks) and daily dose of the Imsyser Microbial stabiliser to stabilise gut bacteria. This is a 12 strain live culture of pre-biotics, pro-biotics and natural enzymes in a unique digestive blend that was designed to support gut health optimally. A new age type of probiotic mastering all the latest techniques and especially effective in IBS.

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