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Heart Health and Overall Health

The Difference Plant Sterols Make To Your Heart Health and Overall Health

HDL, is your good cholesterol that adds value to your health and your heart.

LDL, is your bad cholesterol which needs management through lifestyle choices….but is there more?

But as shared, Scientists have now uncovered another type of bad cholesterol. This form of cholesterol is usually ignored. But keeping it low may be even more important to your health and longevity. So, what is it?

This cholesterol can cause good HDL cholesterol levels to drop, triggering inflammation overload throughout the body and seriously impacting your heart health and longevity.

Understanding The Good in Cholesterol

Most natural cholesterol solutions don’t address this cholesterol issue. Your body needs cholesterol to function normally and is an essential component of cell membranes. It helps the synapses in your brain fire faster — so it protects your memory. It also helps manufacture bile acids, sex hormones, and is essential for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E.

Cholesterol for your Health

Cholesterol is important for your health. And while you probably heard that high levels of LDL are the main culprit behind cholesterol problems, that’s not quite accurate. You actually need a healthy ratio of both good HDL and bad LDL for best health.

What is “oxy-cholesterol”

As shared, “Oxy-cholesterol occurs when free radicals in the blood oxidize the existing LDL cholesterol. As this oxidized LDL cholesterol builds up, it can seriously impact the health of your arteries. Oxy-cholesterol causes good HDL cholesterol levels to drop even further. So, it affects the health of your entire cardiovascular system, too!

Oxy-cholesterol is usually made up of small, dense particles that can break apart and flow through your bloodstream. Research also shows it can trigger inflammation in the body — and keeping inflammation at normal levels is essential for a healthy heart, too.

So, the real important cholesterol number is not your overall LDL level…but your level of …oxidized cholesterol. And while there are many popular natural remedies that support healthy LDL levels, very few target the problem of oxycholesterol.”

What to do

Plant Sterols or Phytosterols The Solution?

Plant sterols are found in many fruits and vegetables. They limit the bad cholesterol in your diet from being absorbed into your digestive tract. Plant sterols act as a “defensive guard” that keeps the bad cholesterol from getting into your bloodstream.

Clinical Studies Show Results

Researchers have known about the cholesterol-supporting effects of plant sterols since the 1950s. But it was only recently when scientists developed a way to extract the sterols from plants and convert them in a more absorbable form.

Scores of scientific studies showed the extraordinary benefits of plant sterols for total cholesterol control. They can slash your risk of cholesterol problems by nearly one third.

They help lower oxidized cholesterol. A recent study reported in a leading medical journal found that one gram of plant sterols — along with other cholesterol-lowering foods — help reduce the level of oxidized LDL.

Where to find high doses of sterols?

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