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The problem with Inflammation, Your Heart Health & Your Brain Health

Within the past few decades, scientists hit upon the discovery that many conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and long-lasting respiratory problems such as asthma, share a common element—chronic inflammation. Scientists suggest that many factors contribute to chronic inflammation, including genetics and exposures to toxic contaminants in the environment. Chronic inflammation is also exacerbated (or even caused) by lifestyle factors including a diet laden with unhealthy fats and processed foods, lack of exercise, and poor dental hygiene.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is closely linked to obesity irrelevant of the age as has been observed more recently. The process is set in motion when you gain too much weight and your designated fat storage cells reach capacity. This causes excess fat particles to travel in the bloodstream and congregate in the liver, muscles, and other organs that should normally have no fat. It also leads to the accumulation of visceral or “belly” fat—a pattern of fat distribution that is associated with several metabolic irregularities, including insulin resistance.

The body tries to remove the abnormal fat distribution by sending macrophages (white blood cells) to clean these organs. This increases insulin resistance (auto-immunity) because it lowers the blood level of a protective hormone called adiponectin, and it also triggers the release of inflammatory substances that damage the arteries and help set the stage for cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.

As a rule, this process is seen as a precursor to Diabetes as a rule.

Cardiovascular disease

So not only in the process of this build up are we pre-cursed or lined up for Diabetes but also eventual heart disease. The most common type of heart disease, coronary artery disease, arises from the build-up of fatty, cholesterol-laden plaque inside the arteries of the heart.

In this scenario, particles of LDL (bad) cholesterol infiltrate the artery walls, which are lined with endothelial cells. Inflammatory molecules (leukocytes) bind to these cells to begin the inflammatory process. This intrusion sparks an Immune Response, which draws white blood cells (phagocytes) to the site. As the phagocytes consume increasingly more cholesterol particles, layers of fat and cell debris build up within the artery lining. This causes the artery wall to thicken and stiffen, narrowing the channel for blood flow. If these deposits break open, the contents can spill into the bloodstream and trigger a heart attack. Or, if the narrowing is severe enough, inadequate blood flow to heart muscle can cause angina (chest pain).

Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is widely accepted as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. It consists of a cluster of metabolic abnormalities, including accumulation of fat around the middle of the body, insulin resistance, high blood pressure (hypertension), and abnormal cholesterol levels. Although scientists do not completely understand all of the factors involved in metabolic syndrome, chronic low-grade inflammation has been identified as both a cause and a consequence of the condition. People with metabolic syndrome have high levels of CRP, a measure of body-wide inflammation. CRP is also used as a marker to predict coronary artery disease and other inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Controlling Inflammation

We always start with lifestyle issues an these are pretty much well-advertised as a life sustaining solution to health and internal balance. One less known theory, however, is that this genetic predisposition sets the stage for an abnormal Immune System Response to intestinal bacteria, which leads to a state of chronic inflammation. In this equation I like to also add an even lesser known cause – parasites – and not only the lack of various ‘creatures’ especially your good bacteria but also an over abundance of the baddies like the parasites and more importantly the endo-toxins released as a result of the activity of these minute creatures in your body. The resultant toxins are not only reason enough to trigger inflammation but also address the issue of chronic exhaustion and an array of issues within the body.

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