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Healthy Masks

Never more important than now!!!

If your masks is not just ensuring greens and virus destruction on the surface it had beter be ensuring your healthiest breathing because masks are here fir a while!!!

Reusable was never more important with crushed finances than now…look no further…

Re-usable 3 ply Polyester Washable Face Nano-tech Masks(with nose clip) Proudly SA

Help reduce the spread whilst self-healing as the NANO-TECH ACTIVATED SILVER is activated within the soft inner, nano-tech material layer of the mask when breathed in.

Stop Droplet type infection since the outer layer contains NANO-TECH ACTIVATED SILVER embedded and stitched in solid layer not only having anti-viral properties killing the virus immediately on contact but the nano-tech material is hydro-phobic (water-repellent) thus repelling any moisture be it body fluid, blood or other.

Washable and Re-usable; tested up to 200 times which give you usage for +/- 6-12 months.

Affordability based on re-usage.

Comfortable Elastic Design.

All certifications. Attached below see Media.

May be branded – can endure extreme heat to do such.

2 sizes – Adults 9 years & up & smaller size for children.

Nano-tech silver may help against Viral infections, Bacterial infections, Fungal infections; respiratory diseases; destroying these unlike the average masks that might just prevent possible virus attachment to a mask surface.

International suppliers are selling them (in dollars) for almost R1000. This is a Proudly SA product made and owned by a woman-owned business.

Imsyser Health 086 010 3859 or simply Click here:

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