If we live correctly there would be no need to worry about the gut, but unfortunately this is not true for most of us!!  We don’t eat the correct foods, exercise enough and suffer enough good fresh air, being stuck in rooms with air conditioning, and therefore the lack of enough sunlight as well.  Very little detail at he docto

The Imsyser team daily tries to improve the deduction around these issues otherwise we end like most treating the gut with an overdose of laxatives as we do other symptoms with anti-biotic creating other negative reactions and long-term negative effects. However there always seems to be someone in the family or at work battling with gut issues and if we look at the statistics most diseases have their  origin from without the gut and related issues.

Because the gut has the poorest nerve structure of all the other body organs we are often ‘informed’ too late or the lack of immediate pain – the signal something is wrong is missing till it is almost too late. If regular check were done on the actual waste excreted out of the kidneys, it would be noted that certain toxins are directly released with the water release from the kidneys and we wonder on the direct link to the kidney failure statistics. The gut is our last choice of reference and should be a daily first choice – a LIFESTYLE CHOICE!

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