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A Healthy Balance – Gut & Immune Health discussed.

A Healthy Balance – Gut & Immune Health discussed. Right from birth, the gut microbiome plays a vital role in the formation of a strong Immune System. The two systems if healthy seem to feed off each other in a healthy balance. As the Immune System develops and strengthens and as it adjusts to the foreign antigens coming into our body or as ‘inherited’ from the mother, our Immune System naturally develops a tolerance for such foreign antigens with normal healthy Immune responses. This is healthy process. It is a good adaptive response to keep our body in a constant state of readiness to deal with such.

Over exposure to allergens(toxins), as is almost rampant these days starts to wear down the immunity as it tries to compensate all over the body. When combined with a weakened or underdeveloped Immune System, be it inherited or acquired will trigger inflammatory responses such as acute allergies, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, and auto-immune diseases. This is when imbalances results and actual ‘disease’ sets in.

Auto immune disease in the past were merely a handful of the classic big 5: heart attacks, strokes, Diabetes, high blood pressure and Cancer. Now we have literally thousands of dis-eases added to the list. Classically auto-immune means ‘ no known cause’. Is there even something like this??? Yet it however labelled as a disease. It is rampant and it is the modern day terror of the human species. When this imbalance occurs in the gut, resulting inflammation can lead to damaged mucosa. The tight junction between mucosal cells is compromised and triggers further Immune System responses. Unwanted proteins, toxins, and bacteria can more easily pass through the damaged lining of the gut and enter our systemic circulation. This is often referred to as a leaky gut. This can result in brain fog, depression, pain of unknown origin, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, just to mention a few.

So all in all……the cause: TOXIC OVERLOAD. Quite simply put. And as a result the human gut becomes in-efficient and literally malnutrition results. Yes mal-nutrition even in obese cases. Often so!! Since toxic overload almost always is the cause, the result: weight issues. And last but not least, most of us are actually suffering from total dehydration. Most humans exist in this state and not even realise it!

Imsyser to the rescue…..the products will assist with a gentle cellular and gut detox to cleanse and rid the body of this toxic overload whilst naturally replenishing with the nutritional input necessary to restore balance and eventual health .

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