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Healthy Autumn Living from the Imsyser team

Become aware of the changes that are occurring in nature: you can hear the gusts of wind blowing through the trees. You can feel the slight drop in temperature and the increased dryness of the air.  You can see the changing colours of the leaves drying on the trees.  You can taste the ripeness of the seasonal fruits and smell the richness of the earth.

Autumn is a time to balance …

◾Rise early with the sun when the world is still and calm. Reboot that sluggish Immune System for the season ahead with the energising tablets designed to support immune health.

◾Flush your system with a mug of root ginger tea or do a gentle Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse first thing in the morning to gently rid the body of any unwanted waste.

◾Hold a little warm sesame oil in your mouth for a few minutes.  This is very nourishing to the mouth, strengthens teeth and helps to stop bleeding and receding gums.

◾Massage yourself with warm sesame oil.  This helps to combat dryness, joint cracking and stiff muscles.  Rinse off in a warm shower.

◾Your autumnal diet can consist of warming foods that are sweet, mildly spicy, sour and salty as these flavours increase moisture and encourage feeling nourished.

◾Breakfast can be a small bowl of porridge: oats, rice or quinoa that can be flavoured with ginger, cinnamon or cardamom and a little maple syrup.

◾For lunch and supper have more nourishing foods such as steamed vegetables and a grain that is flavoured with turmeric, coriander and cumin, root vegetable soups.

◾Avoid too much raw salad, cold drinks, ice, beans, fermented foods and yeast as they cause gas and may unsettle your digestion. Increase your uptake of natural probiotics to optimise your digestive health and immune system.

◾At the end of your busy day make yourself a cup of organic milk gently boiled with a pinch of nutmeg or cardamom.

◾Oil your feet and lower belly with warm sesame seed oil and settle in for a blissful night’s sleep! Valerian is a good sleep aid on ‘unsettling’ evenings.

 Prepare your body for winter and it will not be necessary to constantly be on medication.

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