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Studies done in OREGON on Clinical Epigenetics found that broccoli helps fight cancer cell development, as confirmed and shared by Dr Larry Berman.

The study analised the different compounds found within broccoli and compared them to health benefits, specifically cancer prevention. They found a compound called sulforphane in broccoli that inhibits cancer cell development and spread. Sulforaphane stimulates DNA pathways, which help restore proper balance and also prevents development of cancer.

According to Dr. Emily Ho:

“Cancer is very complex and it’s usually not just one thing that has gone wrong… it’s increasingly clear that sulforaphane is a real multi-tasker.  You can also find sulforaphane in the other following cruciferous vegetables as well:

•         Brussels sprouts

•         Cabbage

•         Cauliflower

•         Kale

If you are interested in preventing cancer spread or development, you might want to consider adding broccoli or other foods rich in sulforaphane to your daily diet. Or why not supplement your diet with a super smoothie containing these greens for super charging of the immune system at another level. View our previous blogs for on delicious smoothies for optimal nutritional add-ons! You are you own health!!!

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