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Health Quest Blog. Imsyser 3 step Health Kit Day 2 of 3

Health Quest Blog. Welcome to our second email  and any tips we might have to offer you as you use the Imsyser 3 Step Health Kit for your journey to achieve your healthiest you. The number of testimonials stretching from Diabetes through to various illnesses including Cancers has been just too amazing.

Quite simply, I believe it is just treating ‘dis-ease’ as a state of imbalance. That needs to be re-addressed to restore natural balance. Not only within the gut. The core too all healing. Also readdressing Immunity by managing this natural balance through restorative wholefood nutritional input. Whilst addressing the need to do a gentle cellular detox. Addressing cellular balancing. As well for your healthiest Immunity going forward.

Some Health tips for your Probiotic use –  usage tips is not only on the label of the bottle but also on the ‘insert’ = your swing tag attached to the neck of your bottle

health Quest
12 Strain Pre&Probiotic

DIRECTION FOR USE: Children drink ½ prescribed dose but on average 1-2 Tablespoons; 1 / 2 daily depending on the severity of the problem or as prescribed by the health practitioner.


Imsyser’s Liquid Microbial Product probiotics can be taken at any time. With or without meals, morning or evening.


The reason for their efficacy and results is not, as many people believe, the number of microbes present in the product but, rather the number of microbial species.

Although lactic acid bacteria are the most predominant bacteria in the GI-tract they cannot establish themselves without the natural symbioses they share with other types of microbes. In the natural world various classes of bacteria are utterly reliant upon each other for growth and stability, as can be seen by the diversity of microbial life in soils and plants.

Health Facts

Unlike most probiotic products which contain freeze-dried strains of just one or two species of microbes, Imsyser’s Liquid Microbial Product Probiotics’ closely mirrors the natural range of microbes that are found in our soils and food. It is the combination of these species which make Imsyser’s Liquid Microbial Product unique. This is what accounts for their efficacy and successes.


 Yes, you can. The gastro-intestinal tract’s healthy function relies on the presence of beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria aid in digestion, correct pH balance (acidity), the processing of nutrients and the prevention of the build-up of harmful bacteria. Beneficial bacteria do not interfere with medication.

In fact, they are almost completely killed off with the use of antibiotics and the immune system is hugely compromised by the toxins in most medical drugs. Taking the probiotic helps to protect the body from harmful toxins.


Yes, the products are 100% natural and safe to take.


Our probiotics are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No Animal derived products are used in the culturing or production of our products.


This is the natural yeast that forms when the product is exposed to oxygen (in other words, once the seal is broken) Do not shake it, it is normal for it to be there.


Because the product is a “live” microbial product.


No, it is a “live” microbial product. The microbes go dormant if refrigerated. Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.


The product has a 6-8-week shelf life once the bottle has been opened. It will get a really “rotten” smell when it goes off.

Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse

I believe we have addressed the cleanse quite extensively with the videos but re-addressing the instruction on usage of the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse

This product is formulated to assist in softening and eliminating of this impacted intestinal mucous layer, assisting in stabilizing the Immune System, assisting in detoxing the intestines and assisting in balancing your metabolism, as effective cleansing is initiated. The various 100 % natural herbs assist in the dissolving of this toxic layer and neutralising of the toxic release as this layer is broken down. Slippery Elm assists in the easy gentle movement out of the body.

Health ‘7-day detox programme’

This is a ‘7-day detox programme’ (may also be used daily for continuous usage or until results are achieved without gut changing habits); used 2 x daily on an empty stomach before or an hour after meals. Best taken as quickly as possible BEFORE bulking occurs and followed through with at least 1-2 glasses of water.

Add 2 heaped Tablespoons of powder to a little juice (1/3 glass) and a tall glass of water, stir quickly, and drink quickly BEFORE thickening may result. If such does happen, add more water and continue drinking till all product is taken in. Tasteless in flavour.

For all ages; children ½ dosage and if pregnant used cautiously under health practitioners advice, NOT as a detox range, but smallest dose possible (1 teaspoon/ 1x per day) to assist in fibre bulking ONLY as the main objective.


By now you should be having very interesting stools with the show of the impacted, almost always toxic mucoidal plaque imbedded in the excretions – these usually appear darker and almost ropy and most certainly smelly. Don’t worry but gently allow this movement out of the body.

Some have been horrified too find loose messy waste or simply longer strips of this waste being excreted – all is ‘normal’ – our theory – rather outside of you than on the inside impeding any healthy digestion and or absorption.  JUST REMEMBER THE WATER PLEASE. YOUR DETOX FEELING SHOULD BE LIFTING BY NOW AND ANY POSSIBLE BLOATING SOME MGHT EXPERIENCE!!

As far as the Immune Support tabs are concerned, some health tips and or questions to assist you best to understand your product and the value add as too most other chemical alternatives in the market place

No Side Effects or Special Precautions.

Although Imsyser has no known side effects, a slight headache might occur during the first couple of days due to the detoxification of the body at cellular level. If this occurs, it may be helpful to take only half the prescribed dose for the first three days and then resume with the normal dose.

DRINK WATER TO FLUSH TOXINS….Sleeplessness may occur, due to natural energy increase in which case only half the recommended dosage should be taken in the morning and the balance not later than 14H00.

Directions for Use:

Adults take 4 tablets daily. Children take ½ dose of adults. Chronic cases usually start by taking up to 6 tablets daily till symptoms are relieved and then reduce intake to 4 /day and maintain as supplement. Children follow suit with ½ doses. Natural energy improvement is to be expected and as a result should not be taken after 3pm to ensure good sleeping habits may be maintained.

Imsyser Immune System Stabilizer Tabs

The Imsyser Immune System Stabilizer Tabs is a gentle ‘cellular detox product’ and as such should initially be accompanied by enough water to assist toxic removal out of the body. A slight headache might be observed.

In the case of truly chronic states of disease when patients have been bed-ridden or even in the case of very young children, tablets might be crushed and added to yoghurt, honey or peanut butter (or other) for easy use when swallowing is compromised. 

Imsyser – 100% Safe to Use. 100% Natural product that contains no preservatives or stimulants, such as alcohol or caffeine. Imsyser is safe for use in adults, children and pregnant women.

Can be used without any other medication. Been declared safe for human consumption.

Health Questions & Answers

Q: There are so many kinds of Antioxidants on the shelves and all seem to work. Why should I choose Imsyser?

A: Most of the antioxidants that are currently on the market work quite well. But one must remember that the only purpose of antioxidants is to get rid of free radicals in the body. This is a good thing, because free radicals are harmful to the body and certainly not good for your health.

However, this ‘cleansing’ process only takes two to four weeks. What happens after that is quite important. Imsyser not only ‘cleans’ the body of free radicals, but also puts back all 10 essential amino acids and all three essential fatty acids (Omega -3, -6 and -9). Figuratively speaking, one must drain the old oil from your vehicle from time to time, but it’s just as important to put new oil back in again. And this is exactly what Imsyser does.

Q: Is Imsyser a medicine?

A: To register a product as a medicine is a very expensive exercise. To make any official recognised claims, a product must be put on a ‘trial run’. Done correctly with the right number of participants, such an undertaking can take anything from two to five years and could easily cost in excess of R5 million. For this reason, the makers of Imsyser are not claiming that the product is a medicine, nor are they claiming that it is a cure. Instead Imsyser is classified as a ‘food supplement’.

Q: What does “essential” mean?

A: Essential means that your body cannot ‘produce’ or ‘manufacture’ this type of ‘food’ although it is vital for a healthy living. You therefore must supplement it.

There are two reasons why people do not get these essentials in their daily food intake:

1: Modern people no longer eat a balanced diet;

2: Even if people do enjoy a balanced diet, the food is often manipulated with chemicals – so a great deal of its nutritional value is lost.

Q: Are the plants and herbs used in Imsyser also treated with chemicals? A: FIRST OF ALL: NO HERBAL PLANTS ARE USED IN IMSYSER.

A: All plants are indigenous South African field plants and, for the most part, are harvested in the field. We take good care that these plants are not fertilised or treated with any chemicals.

Q: Is Imsyser an Immunity Booster?

A: No.

Imsyser is not an Immunity Booster, but rather an Immune system stabiliser or sensitizer. Imsyser brings an under or overactive immune system back to normal.

Q: Can my immune system become overactive if I use an Immunity Booster?

A: Yes.

But Imsyser is NOT an immunity booster. An over-effective immune system is responsible for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, SLE (lupus), psoriasis, allergies, asthma, etc. That is why one cannot just presume that an immunity booster will aid in fighting a certain condition when it in fact worsens these conditions.             

Q: Is Imsyser a vitamin supplement?

A: Although Imsyser contains 11 vitamins, it is not classified as a vitamin supplement because the vitamins it contains do not occur in very high concentrations. But Imsyser’s other beneficial properties (such as the provision of 10 essential amino acids and all three essential fatty acids) mean that it is far more than a simple vitamin supplement.

Q: Can I replace any of my medication with Imsyser?

A: No.

First, Imsyser is not a medicine. It is a food supplement. Do NOT stop using any prescribed medicines when taking Imsyser. The product is perfectly safe for use with any other medication and one may even find that Imsyser can suppress most of the bad side effects caused by some medications, like those used in chemotherapy, for instance. In fact, Imsyser is so safe that even children and pregnant women can use it without any fear of side effects.

Q: Does Imsyser have any side effects?

A: No.

Because Imsyser has quite strong antioxidant values, one might experience a slight headache or excessive sweat production during the first three days. No other side effects have ever been reported.

Q: What if Imsyser does not help with my condition?

A: Even if the success ratio of Imsyser is very high, we do believe that, too much damage has already been done to the body. Therefore Imsyser will not be able to assist in turning the condition around. Also keep in mind that Imsyser is not a medicine or a quick cure. Instead, the product aids the body to heal itself by supplying the correct ‘food’ it needs to produce fighter cells that attend to biological malfunctions.

Imsyser not only supplies essential amino acids and fatty acids, but also many beneficial, non-essential substances as well. Even if Imsyser may not help for a condition, we believe that it will result in a general feeling of wellbeing because it stimulates the immune system and assists in preventing other problematic conditions caused by the improper functioning of the immune system.

Q: For how long should I use Imsyser?

A: Because the benefits are ongoing, one should continue taking Imsyser indefinitely. Imsyser does not only detoxify the body by getting rid of free radicals, but also supplies amino acids and Omega -3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, which most modern diets fail to provide. The longer one uses Imsyser, the better the chances of maintaining optimum health.

Q: Is it possible to overdose with Imsyser?

A: No.

Imsyser contains no harmful chemicals, stimulants, colorants, preservatives or even herbal extracts. Imsyser is a ‘food supplement’. Contains only what you are supposed to get in a healthy diet, it is perfectly safe to use. Even in huge quantities. Some people, especially those that suffer from cancer and HIV/Aids, have reported using up to 12 tablets a day. With no known side effects.

Q: Will my medical Aid pay for Imsyser?

A: Imsyser meets the requirement from medical aids by having a Nappi Code. We find that many medical aid programmes make provision for food supplements. As they cannot deny the resulting benefits. But, even so, it is still your medical aid’s prerogative whether to pay for Imsyser. You’ll have to check with yours to find out.    

I believe we should have addressed any unanswered questions by now. Once again, just enjoy the health experience. Your cleanse almost done. Cleansing slowly & gently. For your healthiest most balanced you yet. Remember we are on call: 086 010 3859 or OR SIMPLY CLICK HERE:

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