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Health Quest Blog Day 3

Health Quest Blog Day 3. Good Morning

Health Quest Blog Day 3. Thank you for joining us on the Imsyser health journey. We have tried to capture time periods to help you through the journey as you will not only be pleasantly surprised at the end results both from a detox perspective but also from a nutritional energy perspective.

First, however, we will have to manage the 7 day Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse which is a gentle detox in the first place – so expected detox results do follow but might be well managed with the intake of healthier foods and or enough water to flush out any toxic waste, so doing helping the body cope with the initial lack of energy and or detox feelings. Please not diet change is needed.

Daily activities continue

Also all daily activities continue as per normal including going to work. This is gentle journey, done at home with no clinical exposure for your most natural approach to detox and Immune build up is realized. No health happens if you do not approach first at gut level.   

At Imsyser we care about our clients’ health. What we do is not different, how we do it, however, is what makes us different. Our products are unique, 100% natural and safe to use for all ages. No chemicals = no extra toxic load but gentle cleansing from the inside out.

We have 2 unique products that not only assist in deep intestinal cleansing but also in optimizing gut health through probiotic support. Always start with the gut. So doing, you optimize the good healthy bacteria thereby improving your Immunity but also start to neutralize the effects of the bad bacteria already in the gut thereby reducing the gassiness and or bloating you might have been experiencing. Expect to feel these results almost immediately unless the gut is terribly compromised and a day or two might be needed to help the gentle release. 

You will be taking all 3 products from day 1.

Just remember the cleanse is only taken from day 1-7 or until done and continue with the daily probiotic and Immune Support tablets for the rest of the month. Also remember you will be taking the cleanse either an hour before or after the meal with the probiotics taken accordingly an hour away, with or without meals.

You may repeat this process for a few months till you see the last of the impacted waste come out of you or merely continue with your daily tabs and probiotic liquid and then repeat the cleanse as part of the health kit preferably every season change and or 3-4 monthly.

We have attached the cleanse videos with tips on how to do and various other gut health tips. See below.

Your cleanse is taken twice daily!! Your Probiotic and Tabs once daily preferably before 2pm as you might have energy surges that might disturb sleeping although your sleeping should improve with the Imsyser range. Adults 4 tabs per day. 2-3 Tablespoons of the probiotic.  Children half dosage but please check with your product inserts for best instructions on age groups. All our products are however safe for all ages.      

You might feel good today, day 1, as usually the results might only kick in by day 2-4 so keep on drinking more than enough water to help any potential detox reaction.

Day 2-3 usually produces larger bowel movements which expected with the increase in fibre. Men manifest changes more easily than woman. Almost shaking off excess weight from day 1.  Woman usually take longer. But please watch the videos to help manage the journey:

What are we attempting to achieve?

Once gut health established, Immunity established. With the introduction of the Immune support tablet. Nutritional demands met through wholefood ‘essential’ nutrition. Not only does this product offer 100% natural Immune support nutritionally, but also optimises Immune activity. By ensuring a gentle daily cellular detox. Which produces optimal energy output at cellular level.

This combined effect of Gut and Immune support ensures optimal health. Not only attained but also maintained daily, 100% naturally.

Enjoy! Nothing has changed other than improving your very best health by choice. Add some exercise to your day. A little sunshine or vit D. Sleep well and enforce good healthy thoughts and forgiveness. Your very best health hereafter. Please feel free to call for any further support: 086 010 3859 or email For more information click here:

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