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Health Benefits of Fasting

Sharing the benefits of fasting…

Fasting is a mechanism of healing. It is the greatest known natural healing modality, since it is both therapeutic and preventative as it returns the body to a state of homeostasis. It does this by providing an alkaline surplus that is extremely important for the proper acid-alkaline balance in the blood and tissues. Fasting also increases the process of elimination and the release of toxins from the colon, kidneys, bladder, lungs, sinuses and skin.

Prolonged fasting has been known to cure colds, flu, bronchitis, mucous congestion, allergies, hypertension, headaches, sluggishness, constipation, migraines, intestinal problems, acne, hair loss, arthritis, and other ailments resulting from poor diets—those high in cholesterol, toxic fats, nitrates and other chemicals, and a general lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Juice and broth fasting has been documented to aid in the recovery and elimination of such degenerative conditions.

Raw juices and vegetable broths are rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins, trace elements, and enzymes. Such essentials are easily assimilated directly into the bloodstream, without putting strain on the digestive system. This results are faster recovery from disease, more effective cleansing of the colonic tract, cell regeneration, and overall rebuilding of tissues.

All of these factors are vital to the rejuvenation and maintain optimum health. Short term juice fasting and prolonged juicing as part of a balanced diet will lead to increased levels of energy, a clear complexion, strengthened immune system, stronger bones, and a reduced risk of disease.

Most juice fasts require that the juice you consume be made fresh daily with only organic fruit or vegetables. You can do it yourself with a juicer or purchase the juices or broth from a health food store or farmers’ market. It is vital that you not fast with fruits or vegetables bought from your local chain food superstore, as these most likely contain chemical toxins and pesticides and will only add to your health problem.

Since the aim of fasting is to engage body detoxification, this includes cleansing the colon and intestines and moving the bowels. The main way these are expelled  from the body is through the digestive and eliminative (gastrointestinal) system. Remember that during fasting, toxins in the digestive and elimination tracts have no way of leaving the body since actual bowel movement is not activated.

We do suggest in these circumstances that a bowel ‘aid’ be used to activate such movement by using the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse either for a 7 day detox routine or daily use over the fasting period., Seeing is believing what can be removed from the gut with this cleanse.

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