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The gut is the root cause of disease but also the place where healing starts….and Imsyser knows this….

Healthy Gut Microbiome

Science has now recognized why gut health is so important, and it’s called the gut “microbiome”. The microbiome is filled with beneficial bacteria that have a vital link to health and disease, and can be influenced by your diet and lifestyle. We are 10 times more micro-organisms than we are human cells, and the majority of them are found in the microbiome. The microbiome pretty much also affect your Psyche and totally affect your Immunity. So in reality we are only as healthy as our gut is healthy!

When poor diet, reduced fibre, medications, antibiotics ,stress etc. are controlling your life ; it becomes crucial that we start making daily choices to correct and maintain this balance.

Imsyser to the rescue

No gut or organ for that matter can work effectively if polluted. So first line of defence should always be to rid the gut of any toxic waste. We, the Imsyser team like to advice our clients to do a 6 -8 week parasite cleanse. During this process a deep intestinal cleans is done over 7 days. The cleanse is used twice daily for optimal results with minimum disturbances other than seeing and feeling the effects of a good gut lining. The mucoidal plaque is broken up, stripped and removed so that effective nutritional absorption might be maintained. By doing this effective removal of toxic waste out of the body is also assisted. View for more on this amazing product, the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse available on line or in most pharmacies, country-wide. This product is suited for most ages. Daily usage for fibre optimisation is also advised in chronically constipated cases.

Thereafter the gut needs to be maintained. And this we need to do preferably daily as well. The Imsyser 12 STRAIN liquid Probiotic. This liquid is supported with the necessary prebiotics all living in symbiosis with each other ( mimicking our own gut microbiome) and natural digestive enzymes to assist in any digestive processes. Most of these natural probiotics are now no longer available through our plant species ( soil depletion). Imsyser has found this unique product suitable for all ages, daily usage or otherwise. It is a 1 -2 month supply and is not affected by stomach pH and also does not have to be refrigerated. A unique product boasting its ability to mimic the natural gut flora.

And Diet?

This however is all good and well only if maintained in a healthy life style. What and how you eat influences your microbiome’s health. If you eat a diet that is rich in nutrition and easily digestible, you will feel energetic and alive because your microbiome is thriving. If you eat a processed diet containing bad fats and high in sugar you will most likely have poor absorption of the little nutrition in the foods, be acidic, feel tired and sick, and your microbiome will flourish with bad bugs. Typically this is the lack of energy most people feel and the constant bloating especially after a meal.

For improved help start by first removing all the ‘baddies’ out of the diet – the sugars, the processed foods, fatty foods and start replacing those with the good healthy nutritious alternatives. Going green and or organic is always best. Fibre is crucial and once again this is where the greens are tops.

Once the diet is sorted it is then to start the final process of weaning yourself off medications and chemicals. All of these eventually affect our Immune System which in turn affects our gut and vice versa. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT AND THE ROUTE CAUSE OF MOST OF OUR DISEASES…..

For more on any of the products visit or view our really interesting blog articles for further advice. HO may be contacted. Speak to Liza at 086 010 3859.Stress

When we stress, blood rushes away from our digestive tract and goes to our vital organs to help fuel us if we need to fight or flee. The digestive response is not needed if we are to fight a tiger, so it partially shuts down. Long term stress means a lack of blood supply to your digestive tract and also a lack of gastric secretions, leading to poor gut health. To combat the effects of stress, try taking a few deep breaths, deep in your belly, to reverse the stress response.

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