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Have You Had Your EM Today

We have entered the era of promoting health naturally and of promoting health by enhancing innate body functions. EM may be one of the most potent beneficial bacteria products yet developed. EM has already revealed its effectiveness and, as a raw microbial formula, has a host of benefits. Beneficial Bacteria are scientifically proven to do the following:

•             Keeping the colon clean and healthy

•             Raising immunity by increasing the number of immune cells in the body

•             Helping to replenish nutrients lost while taking antibiotics

•             Promoting immunity by producing their own antibodies

•             Promoting regular bowel habits

•             Protecting against environmental toxins

•             Destroying fungal overgrowth

•             Preventing infection

•             Cleaning the digestive tract

•             Promotes energy and stamina which helps to counter fatigue

•             Helps to maintain hepatic health and a healthy liver.Imsyser-bac

Considering all the above, it stands to reason then that we should all be taking EM every day of our lives.  The food we eat today is just not enough to maintain a healthy body.

Have you had your EM today?
Imsyser’s natural formulation contains the EM culture – find us on for more info.

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