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Hair Loss

At the Imsyser Head Office we have many requests and one of them that regularly pops up is the issue of hair loss. Although we hear of clogged pores, Oestrogen overdose (especially for the male species) and many more culprits we have another interesting fact to share. There is just such a massive overstocking of the market place of imported products super-loaded with chemicals, no wonder there is a growing problem in this regard. We would like to share more on DRENE’S HAIR CARE PRODUCTS. A 100 % Natural haircare product designed to support this problem….

“For many years scientists thought that baldness was caused by the hormone testosterone. While testosterone is at the core of the balding process, it is now known that Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone, is the primary agent responsible for hair loss. Abundant amounts of DHT constrict the follicle and if left untreated hair loss rill be permanent.

Balding amongst men mostly follow the classic horseshoe pattern , known as male pattern baldness, though diffuse thinning (more common amongst females) and patchy hair loss (circular patches) also occur.. In all cases, hair progressively diminish to the effect that with each successive growth cycle it gets shorter and thinner until it turns into tiny fuzzy and unpigmented hair which eventually disappears altogether. Hair loss therefore do not occur overnight but rather is a gradual process.

How the shampoo works

The shampoo would appear to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT. inhibiting DHT’s ability to bind to cellular receptors and constrict the follicles. Once the DHT level in the scalp is decreased, the cycle of hair loss is halted, thereby allowing new hair growth to resume. The shampoo furthermore attempts to restore the moisture balance to the hair and scalp, eliminate clogged hair follicles by dissolving dead skin cells and saturate the follicles with the nutrition needed to promote blood flow to the scalp. With proper nutrition and increased blood flow, dormant follicles begin producing healthy hair once again.

Please note however that the hair restore process will take at least 2/3 months, though usually significantly longer (depending on the extent of the problem) Many may therefore not notice any substantial improvement until well after 6-12 months. This is because hair follicles undergo a relatively long (approximately 3 month) dormancy periods in between growth periods.

In addiction to this, hair grows about a centimetre a month on a healthy scalp and considerably slower in thinning areas. Noticable regrowth of hair can therefore take a considerable amount of time, as it generally also takes several cycles of growth for the hair to get thicker and longer with each growth cycle. Best results are seen in instances of recent hair loss, or where diffuse thinning occurs/starts to occur. Another factor to keep in mind is that regrowth occur from back to front and outside to inside (most recent hair loss is replaced first). Continued and regular use over a period of time will ensure best results.Treatment of baldness is not a once off process but rather a continuous process which should be upkept for life, as deterioration will once again set in as soon as preventative measures are ceased.”

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