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Gut Shot: Probiotics Hit Illness Where It Counts


By ingesting probiotics literally from birth, your child’s digestion may increase efficiency, providing additional nutrients for their muscles, bones and brains. Probiotics may benefit the human body in the following way and is probably the fastest growing industry seller of this era. Here is why we and our young ones need them DAILY:

  • Lactose Intolerance and improved nutritional uptake
  • Increased energy as nutritional uptake is improved with effective gut functioning
  • Diarrhoea, chronic constipation and bloating issues(colic)
  • ALL Intestinal problems
  • ALL brain health issues; emotional and developmental
  • Eczema, allergies and hay fever.

Imsyser has a unique fermented blend good for the whole family, all ages. This product is available country-wide and is gaining fame day by day as it out serves its competitors not only in price but above-mentioned benefits to mention but a few. It is a unique 12 strain blend consisting of all the essential pre and probiotics as well as a supply of digestive enzymes.

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