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Gut “Second Brain”

Broken Gut, Broken Brain

The gut is often called the body’s “Second Brain”. It is packed with nerve connections making up your enteric nervous system. But, in reality, it is the first in that all initial ‘orders’ come from the the health of your gut is directly related to anxiety, depression, mental fog, and ability to focus.

Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain

Like the gut, the brain is very particular about what it lets in and out of its space. The same insults that can cause a broken gut barrier, can also lead to a broken brain barrier. And what’s more many of the so- called drugs have no ability to even cross this barrier. As a result, you can feel moody, tired, foggy-headed, and start to think less clearly – all are linked to the health of your gut!

Broken Gut, Broken Health

Your gut controls hunger, what you crave, and ultimately how you metabolize sugar; thus insulin resistance, weight gain, metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, and eventual cardiovascular disease. When your gut is broken, broken health.


The gut is a huge ecosystem of healthy bugs living in your gut lining and ultimately feeding all the other system bugs throughout the body; we call them “flora” or “microbiome”. They rule EVERYTHING!

If your microbiome is NOT numerous and diverse, compromised gut health; and that’s why you will crave foods that you shouldn’t, digest your food poorly, and start to see weight gain, high blood sugar, and a slow metabolism (your ability to burn fat). If your good bacteria well they directly control our metabolism and blood sugar – and they provide us with nutrients that our body uses as fuel. This equals good Metabolism!

Broken Gut, Broken Immune Response

We all know that your gut is home 70 – 80 % of your entire immune system! This is the home the initial source of your own Immunity. The lining of your gut contains Immune tissue called GALT or Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue. GALT work together to support a healthy gut lining – often referred to as the “mucosa”.

When healthy, they work together. When broken all is broken! The first line of defence = sore throat &/post-nasal drip, and this then eventually leads to bloating and discomfort as a first sign all is not well. Loss of energy results! Too much too long and adrenal fatigue sets in as your body is now in chronic stress mode. Stress leads to sleep disorders and this worsens any Immune discrepancies aggravating all health. Thyroid issues may result. As the imbalance worsens, more serious symptoms appear like autoimmune problems and inflammatory disease.

The Auto-Immune Response: The body will start to attack itself and shut down. No More Defence!!

To re-balance your Immunity, it pays to go back to basics: start with the gut!

Imsyser your health solution: De-clog; Gentle Detoxing & Immune Restoration

The gut’s job is to protect the body from harmful invaders, digest food, absorb nutrients, and detoxify wastes out of the body…your Immunity. When the detox system is overwhelmed from stress hormones, poorly digested food, and absorbed toxins from bad microbes in the gut – the system clogs or might even shut down. The result: bloated, gassy, constipated, achy, and lethargic. AND to make matters worse, you’re not breaking down and absorbing the right nutrients you need to heal – and the cycle worsens.

At this point the body often becomes very sluggish, brain fog, constipated, and stacks on more body weight and inflammation.

No 1 help: 7-day good, gentle deep intestinal cleanse:

No 2 help: Healthy bugs crowd out and kill bad bugs, digest things that we can’t on our own – and they create vitamins and fuel that we use in return.

No 3 help: support Immunity with good healthy wholefood nutrition:

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