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Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis & Your Brain

Ever considered why so many people are battling with depression, psycho-neural issues, low energy relating to low esteem and much much more?? read no further…

“There is a growing body of research linking the gut microbiome to neurological health.  Research has shown that breakdown of the intestinal lining along with low levels of good microbial inhabitants such as lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are linked with lower GABA levels, increased brain excitability and neurological inflammation”

Well this is a “mouth full” but simple enough to understand for 2 reasons:

  1. all information actually runs up from the gut to the brain along the Vagus nerve and not the other way around as we were previously told AND;
  2. if micro-leakage at gut level (leaking gut) is a problem, all potential toxicity affecting not only the brain but so too the rest of the body is crucially important to know and understand when trying to solve your health and brain discrepancies and that is not even delving onto the fact that good nutrition is being wasted away through these micro leakages as poor nutrition is left to deal with doing some or any good for the brain!

This in itself says everything about people battling with memory issues, or worse.

This same pattern of nutritional deficit starting at gut level also, in turn, affects modern-day diseases. It also affects brain activity resulting in increased depression and other brain diseases and of course lack of energy which in turn manifests in various other problems.

The problem originates in the gut and once again confirms that all health starts and ends in the gut. The solution lies in ensuring your gut microme are fully established every day of your life ( literally from birth) as well as ensuring the ‘baddies’ are removed out of the body like parasites and bad bacteria.

More important than ever before is ensuring a natural balance where a fully compromised Immune System is trying to fend off toxic overload as a rescue status in the body, day in and day out!

How do we treat and or maintain this deficit??

Imsyser’s 12 strain Pre and Probiotic

This wonderful modern day equation of a ‘superfood’ for your gut does not only veer away from the classic production of the older generation probiotics under ‘9 strains’ versions of probiotic capsules and or tablets, but provides a very unique formulation that can complement any gut made up of various strains living organisms living in total symbiosis with each other. In that symbiotic relationship some healthy enzymes are released further optimising healthy activity, gut microme, and thereby improving not only gut functioning but healthy brain and body functioning.

This product is eco-friendly, 100% natural, and is made up of a unique formulation of fermented good beneficial bacteria including your soil organisms in a liquid formula easy to use, all  ages, this product also needs no refrigeration, simply understanding the harmonious mimicking of our healthy  ‘body temperature’ to be maintained (continued growth of the organisms in this unique formulation even on shelf) and also allows and provides for easy usage wherever!

For children you can add to a little juice if need be and they will be none the wiser. And more importantly than any else, relief is experienced be it a bloating issue, IBS, poor energy or simply looking for that good ‘pick-me-up’!

Healthy brain and or neural activity was never this simple or more importantly needed as today. Call the Imsyser team for your best health advice 086 010 3859 or simply


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