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Your Gut is Your Health – Are You Taking Care Of Yours

Your GUT is Your Health…or not??

Gut health is everything. Underlying microbiome and gastrointestinal problems such as leaky gut syndrome, SIBO, and candida overgrowth can be linked to just about every modern health problem. From weight gain and fatigue to anxiety and depression to autoimmune conditions and cancer, there are many consequences of having an unhealthy gut. And the worst of all is that 22 % of people with gut problems can have significant damage to their small intestines but not suffer any gastrointestinal symptoms at all and then suddenly one day all hell breaks loose or worse, Cancer.

Healing your gut means healing your whole body.

The surface area of your gut is around 300 square meters, which is the size of a studio apartment! These super important gut-lining cells are constantly regenerating under and in a normal healthy gut, you have an entirely new gut lining every two to three weeks.

Your gut needs healthy good foods and Probiotics

A study from Harvard, published in the medical journal Nature, found significant changes in the makeup of the gut bacteria occurring just three days after a dietary change! This demonstrates the amazing power of the foods we eat, but in reality, most people interested in healing their gut have other health issues that make healing more complex and a lot slower.

If you have one or more of these health issues, gut healing will definitely be a journey: chronic inflammation, Lyme disease, chronic viral infections, blood sugar issues, adrenal fatigue, SIBO, an autoimmune condition, histamine intolerance, candida overgrowth, or leaky gut syndrome. And to understand the issues above—and how they relate to your gut-healing journey—we have to understand something I call the autoimmune-inflammation spectrum.

Autoimmune-inflammation spectrum.

For starters, to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, the immune system has to destroy a significant amount of tissue (such as the brain, gut, or thyroid). For example, there has to be a 90 percent destruction of the adrenal glands to be diagnosed with Addison’s disease (a disorder in which the adrenal glands don’t produce enough hormones). There also has to be severe destruction of the neurological and digestive systems to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and celiac disease (CD), respectively. But of course, these diseases do not happen overnight! This is merely the end stage of the larger autoimmune spectrum, and there are actually three main stages on the autoimmune spectrum disorder:

  • Silent autoimmunity: When there are positive antibody labs but no noticeable symptoms.
  • Autoimmune reactivity: When there are positive antibody labs and symptoms.
  • Autoimmune disease: When there’s enough body destruction to be diagnosed with a specific condition.

Imsyser and Autoimmune Problems

Imsyser Health Products are designed to this  process of achieving ‘BALANCE” by means of a simple 3 step, 3 product kit designed to assist in not only ‘dis-ease’ prevention but a process of obtaining optimal Immune and Gut Health by assisting in the process of achieving HOMEOSTASIS = BALANCE so that the body may assist ITSELF in maintaining GOOD health in all its functionalities. It’s that simple.

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