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Gut Health Controls The Vitality Of Your Entire Body.

The Digestive system

Your digestive system affects everything from your immune response, stress levels, sleep patterns, skin clarity, energy reserves… and the list goes on. Scientists have even dubbed the GI tract the “second brain.”

So, if this system is so crucial for a thriving body — why do so many people mistreat it?

Perhaps the biggest culprit is a collective – is two-fold when it comes to nutrition food. Firstly we have impoverished source of nutrient and then an even larger problem that being one of toxicity – most people have become desensitized to how their diet affects their body, and this is the real issue! Pesticides in your produce, refined sugars and grains, excessive alcohol consumption, BPA from plastic products and food allergies… and so the list continues.

The first step to excellent gut health should always start with a good detox:

  1. Imsyser helps for the natural healing through Natural Health Products, Natural Cleanse, Health Diet, Liver Detoxification, Detox Cleanse & Colon Cleanse:  liquid-drops (heavy metal)

  1. The next step for better digestive health — is to add specific superfoods to your diet…

Fermented supplements to strengthen your digestion via your microbiome. The health (and number) of these good bacteria can really make or break your digestive function.  40 trillion bacteria are responsible for changing food into vitamins, minerals, and energy. Your Immune system and mood are thrown off-kilter if your microbiome is not thriving.

Beneficial bacteria assist with the following:

  • Helps to inhibit potential pathogenic
  • Helps to prevent diarrhea caused by rota virus or
  • Helps to reduce the proliferation of
  • Assists in increased defecation and help to reduce
  • Help in digestion by altering the pH and improving the uptake of minerals, especially calcium.
  • Help to digest lactose for the lactose-intolerant
  • Involved in the production of vitamins, for example, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 B12, A, D and K, and essential fatty
  • Assist in protein
  • Help to clean the digestive tract.
  • Produce natural antibiotics and anti-fungal such as hydrogen

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