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Gut Concerns For 2020


The hype out there is definitely the word “GUT-HEALTH” and rightly so but I would like to say that if we lived correctly, there would be no need to concern ourselves with the gut. But most of us don’t do this. We don’t eat right! Its not just the way we eat – on the go – no sit down quality family time – it’s also about the type of food we eat and more importantly even if we had all the god intentions our food sources are not only depleted, but corrupted and also always loaded with toxic additives of all kinds. Sad but true!

How can the gut cope with that we load in often also too often eating continuously but seemingly foreign to the body in its highly processed state or genetically modified state.


Everything in nature – atom to atom – runs in a clockwise nature – everything else – manmade or genetically modified runs in the exact opposite direction. The problem – the body “knows” nature and that’s what it will completely absorb without hesitation and over processing with residue toxic waste. This does not only apply to most of your foods but also to your supplements you need to take because Mother Nature has been so stripped of her goodness. So, if your supplement is NOT of a wholefood source or nature – take note!!!

So, it is up to us – what we put in is what we will get out!

Now we run to the doctor – something is not right? Quite rightly so your food is not right and your gut pays the price. Remember your gut will compromise and adapt but at the rate the toxic interference is happening we are doing more damage than good with the best intentions. We end up with leaking gut – tears in the gut due to this constant abuse. We end up with bloating issues. We have pain and even worse because the gut is so compromised we become constipated and all havoc heaps up literally and figuratively.  Most doctors attend to the symptoms of gut problems and not the root cause of the problem – usually bad living habits, as mentioned.

Keeping in mind that the gut has the poorest nerve structure of any parts of the body; it cannot signal when disaster strikes, it is usually almost ‘too late’ before problems set in! And, of course, most people don’t look after their gut health at all!! If your gut is not moving at least once a day you ARE IN TROUBLE!!!

Also keeping in mind that toxins are constantly being reabsorbed from the gut wall and flushed through the kidneys, we have major long-term problems! Liver and Kidneys. Those that aren’t flushed out end up accumulating in the tissues, via the bloodstream through the bowel wall causing even more harm. As this toxic load increases, cell destruction and eventual cell degeneration takes place. And classically this is where your origin lies with most of your auto immune diseases and clearly all your cancers!!

We Need To Detox

Detoxification is mostly neglected and these toxins come from every imaginable source including our thought processes. Without daily renewal of these thought processes, our bodies are a toxic overload of negative energy waiting to transform potential healthy cells into ‘enemy cells’ fighting our own cells. Mental imbalances almost always are the toxic switch to switch on most diseases. But in the same breath a positive mind set can negate or even delay disease. ‘Old attitudes’ that originally lead to disease are the only hope to changing the cellular energy to a positive one for eventual actual release and renewed health.

If no detoxing is done however, the natural process of oxidation of cells leads to depletion of oxygen and eventual loss of energy as the blood ‘thickens’ and remember, ALL LIFE IS IN THE BLOOD!! Sick people are always tired people. Detox the bowel and notice this immediate difference first and foremost.

Add to the equation, nutritionally deplete, fully processed foods (lacking fibre) as is with most people, disaster can only strike! In stressed times our bodies need even more ‘good nutrition’ to ensure a healthy life.

Not enough good water WILL lead to exaggeration of all of the above symptoms as will the lack of some exercise ensuring good bowel stimulation. REMEMBER: what goes in doesn’t always come out!! With or without laxatives!!

Studies have linked the lack of bowel movement(constipation) to increased cancer especially in breast cancer (5 times higher). A constipated (clogged up) colon is more than likely a dirty one laden with bacteria & parasites. This lowers resistance to disease ( immunity).

Why not start at restoring your own health naturally. You can do it slowly, naturally and completely with the best products produced right here in South Africa. Our products were designed for these specific needs – detox at gut and cellular level and impower the Immunity through effective essential nutrition with the healthiest gut/immune health.

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