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Good Probiotics by the Imsyser team !

In order to get enough good probiotics into your intestine from yoghurt, you would need to force down 10 to 30 servings of plain, unsweetened yoghurt every single. day of your life.  What’s more, yoghurt is lacking in several key strains of good bacteria, so even 10 to 30 servings wouldn’t be enough!

The next strategy is to avoid virtually all sugar in your diet.  Eating sugar-containing foods actually nourishes the bad or pathogenic bacteria, yeast and fungi in your gut, which can actually have more of a negative impact on your health than sugar’s impact on blood sugar and insulin resistance.  What’s more, artificial sweeteners like Splenda are even worse than regular sugar, as a study performed at Duke University showed it to contain a chlorine atom that kills off the good bacteria in your gut just like chlorine kills micro-organisms in swimming pools.

The problem with the “no-sugar” strategy is that completely avoiding any and all sugar is a tall, brand order for most, and further requires that you give up many of your favourite foods – an option that most folks simply won’t be able to adhere to long-term.

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